1st Financial Bank USA MasterCard Credit Card

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1st Financial Bank USA MasterCard Credit CardThis review of the 1st Financial Bank USA MasterCard Credit Card will talk about 1st Financial Bank and the credit card that it offers for students. 1st Financial Bank USA has been around since 1910 and it is committed to provide banking services and offer educational funding needs for both current college students and college graduates.

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1st Financial Bank USA Information

If you are a college student who is looking for a bank at which to do your financial transactions, you may want to check out 1st Financial Bank. This bank specifically caters to students and graduates by providing a variety of financial services.

One of the main services that 1st Financial Bank offers is a MasterCard credit card. This is principally marketed to college students to help them build credit. The credit card does have an annual fee and the APR is on the high side when compared to other credit cards offered for students.

1st Financial Bank USA Credit Card Complaints

Although 1st Financial Bank claims that they are trying to help students be financially responsible, both students and parents have made some complaints about the company about their credit card.

One of the complaints by parents is that a higher line of credit is approved than should be for their children as college students who don’t have a job. Another complaint is that the company claims that the payment for the credit card is claimed to be late even though the payment was paid well in advance of the due date.

Students have also complained about the high credit limit and the fact that the company raises the APR so high that it is extremely difficult to pay the monthly payments, especially to pay off the credit card. There is also a charge for paying the credit card online or over the phone.

You can compare credit cards online just by using the credit card chaser tool on this page.

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