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Read this 5Star Bank Credit Card review to decide if a 5Star credit card offer is right for you. 5Star Bank has been offering banking services and credit cards since 1990.

They do not solicit through mass mail campaigns and are selective about who they accept as clients. As a result, even in this difficult economic climate, they are able to offer lower than average interest rates. Applications are available for Visa or MasterCard, depending on preferences.

The introductory rates for each 5 Star credit card are 2.90% for six months. These rates are fixed, which means that if the interest rates rise, credit card payments will not. This stability is considered a benefit as most organizations use variable rates.

5Star Bank Credit Card Benefits

The credit cards offered by Five Star Bank are accepted globally, anywhere the Visa or MasterCard logos are displayed. This includes ATM machines as well as a variety of financial institutions. Travel insurance as well as lost luggage insurance is standard benefits with either card. Monthly payments can be made online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no additional charge. Based on credit scores, there are different levels of features and benefits available on each. The options include platinum or classic. After the introductory period is over, the standard annual percentage rates apply. This varies, based on creditworthiness of each applicant.

5Star Credit Card Rewards Programs

5Star uses care when reviewing the financial history of those they accept as clients, they are able to offer a well developed rewards program. There are several options, based on the purchase preferences and needs of each client. The options include travel rewards, gift cards and cash back options. There is no fee to become enrolled and cardholders earn one point for every dollar in net purchases that are made with one of their active credit cards. Balance transfers, cash advances and program issued convenience checks do not count towards the accumulation of points. Access to the rewards program and status of points is available online at any time.

5Star Bank Credit Card Details

The introductory rate for a 5Star Bank credit card is fixed for the first six months. At that time, cardholders are assigned a percentage based on creditworthiness. For some clients the annual percentage rate (APR) will be approximately 9.9%. This is in contrast to other credit card programs that begin at 17.25% and slide to 29.99%, depending on the type of transaction.

For others, it may be as high as 18.9%. These are rates the rates for purchases as well as balance transfers and cash advances. Rewards points cannot be transferred or combined with a different program. Points expire 5years from the date of issuance. The earned points are invalidated if the card is closed or on arrears at the time of use.

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