This article comes from Sandra Waldorf. Sandra runs the UK personal finance advice and tips blog Thinking Money. Sandra focuses on providing information on credit cards, advice on borrowing money, and general purpose financial advice designed for UK residents. Sandra is a newcomer here on Credit Card Chaser.
  1. The biggest advantage by far of having a credit card is that you need not carry cash. As long as you have a high enough credit amount and the means to pay the card off at the end of the month, you can easily buy pretty much anything you want using it and if you find you need some fruit from the local street vendor, you can even pull out a little from the cash machine using it.
  2. The second advantage provided by a credit card is safety. If your wallet is stolen or lost, you don’t not have to worry about losing the cash in there (which is not only a pain to claim back but also you’re not guaranteed to get it back either!) with a credit card you can just cancel the card straightaway and no one can use it. If they did use it really really quickly, it can always be traced back to the source and you stand a much better chance of getting your money back.
  3. Using your card responsibly and often can help increase your credit rating. Having a positive credit rating can help you to apply for low APR credit cards and mortgages and loans. You just have to maintain your credit card account properly and you will never face the problem of low credit score in your life, hampering you from getting future credit like on a new car purchase!
  4. As a result of a better credit score, you will also get more credit to play with. So although you may start off with a low amount to play with, the more you spend and pay off on time, the more likely they will review your credit limit favorably.
  5. Fifthly, the credit card offers all the advantages of bank account or debit card without any of its associated disadvantageous. It’s also extremely easy to apply for a credit card, with great deals flying bout, you can have money to use in an emergency that can act as a wage advance using your paycheck to pay off the card at the end of the month. You can even go beyond the limit provided but be prepared to pay the penalties and the charges
  6. A great advantage is the fact you can use a credit card online. Nowadays there are many items you can buy online cheaper than going to the store. Rather than sending a check or making use on cash delivery methods, (which to be honest not many companies will accept) you can pay using your credit card and enjoy valuable goods and services through the Internet without any difficulty.

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Sandra Waldorf runs the UK personal finance advice and tips blog Thinking Money. Sandra focuses on providing information on credit cards, advice on borrowing money, and general purpose financial advice designed for UK residents.

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2 Responses to “6 Advantages of Applying for a Credit Card”

  1. Many people dont realise that simply by applying for credit a footprint is left on your credit file, and that making multiple applications and being declined can adversely affect your chances of borrowing.
    Multiple applications are unintentionally encouraged by price comparison sites who entice the consumer with the lowest rates on the market, even though these are only attainable by about 5% population.

    • Joel says:

      Although the nice thing is that multiple hard inquiries within a short time frame are treated as only one hard inquiry for the purposes of your credit score. Additionally, the small decrease in your credit score is short term and rebounds to previous levels after some time.

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