AAdvantage Bronze MasterCard from Citi

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The AAdvantage Bronze MasterCard from Citi for college students is a decent starter student credit card for a college kid in need of a solid credit card. There are many pros and cons to this starter card that should be noted before even considering getting it. The reason to call this card a starter card is because it does not require a certain monthly income and it does not require a cosigner. The requirements that need to be met to get this card are very low.

AAdvantage Bronze Interest Rate

The first thingĀ  to look at with this card is its interest rate. This card from Citi has a 13.24% variable rate. This means that the rate can change whenever Citi decides they want to change it. While 13.24% is not a bad interest rate it is not a good one either. The interest rate is just a little under the average credit card rate which is 14.9%. This interest rate makes sense for the low requirements to get the card. Overall the interest rate is middle of the road and anyone with good credit might want to look elsewhere for a better rate.

Citi Bronze MasterCard Annual Fees & Penalties

One nice thing about this card is that it does not have any annual fees attached to it. This is one aspect of this card that sets it a part from some other starter cards. Many other starter cards have a yearly fee of from 20$ all the way up to 100$.

AAdvantage Bronze Credit Card Reward Program

This is one aspect of the AAdvantage Bronze Citi card that really sets it apart from its competitors. The AAdvantage Bronze MasterCard has a program in place that credits its user with airline miles for every $2 spent. For every $2 spent the card holder will get on airline mile that they can use however they choose.

After getting the card and making the first purchase the cardholder will be awarded with 5,000 airline miles as an initial bonus. The fact that this card gives away frequent flier miles and does not have an annual fee makes it a rare card.

There is also no expiration date on the miles like some of the frequent flier cards have on them. There is a cap of 25,000 air miles a year, but for most people this will be more than enough.

AAdvantage Bronze MasterCard Benefits

With the frequent flier mile rewards and for not having any annual fee this card is actually a very nice starter card even with its middle of the road interest rate. I believe that anyone who decides to go with this card will not regret it, and may even get a few trips out of the deal too. Of course, the best course of action is to use our free tool for comparing credit card offers so get started now!

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