CitiBusiness AAdvantage Card Review

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Read this AAdvantage CitiBusiness Credit Card review to decide if you should apply for the credit card offer online.

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AAdvantage CitiBusiness Benefits

The AAdvantage CitiBusiness card program was developed specifically for businesses that have employees traveling frequently. Although there are many perks, the majority of them focus on travel. There is the option to choose a MasterCard or Visa. They offer the same features and benefits.

The expenses paid for with these cards convert into AAdvantage bonus air miles. For every dollar spent, an American Airlines mile is earned. If a ticket is purchased using the card, this is doubled. If the first purchase is at least $250, the cardholder can earn an extra 20,000 points. Purchases totaling at least $750 in the first four months translate to 25,000 bones miles

One good aspect about the AAdvantage CitiBusiness credit card is that it has undergone some fantastic evolution to a rewards card – something that is now preferred by most people compared to just a standard card. With this credit card, you can enjoy real benefits.

With the AAdvantage CitiBusiness credit card, all purchases made on your employee account will go toward earning AAdvantage miles. What is more, your AAdvantage miles will never expire. Award travels on American Eagle, AmericanConnection and American Airlines will bear no blackout dates whatsoever.

In addition, you can end up saving up to $50 if you join the Admiral’s club. Whenever you renew, you also get a chance to save up to $25. The pros and cons of this card are explored here in detail:

Account Summaries and Management

You will get all the summaries across the year for the quarterly section up to the end of the year when you get the detailed summary that shows your card activity across the year. This service is free. In terms of account management, you will be able to conduct all your activities online with no difficulties at all. Online, the cardholder can manage payments, employee addition, statement viewing or even request an increase of the credit line.

In the current global setting, the internet has become essential as most people prefer having their stuff done online. However, one important thing you will be definitely looking for is security and privacy. You can be sure to have all this to satisfaction with the AAdvantage credit card.

Savings and Additional Cards

Many pharmacies have linked up with this card system to offer automatic discounts on all drugs that are purchased via the AAdvantage card. You can end up saving up to 60 percent on drugs purchased from pharmacies that participate. Though not all pharmacies are offering this form of discount, a little researching will turn up plenty of pharmacies near you.

You can even extend these discounts to your friends who may not necessarily be card members at a cost of just $10 per year. With an additional $8.95 monthly, you can have your coverage upgraded such that it includes dental and vision discounts.

You get the chance to easily get more credit cards once you become a member. These additional cards can especially be for your employees, and you can in fact control the spending so as to minimize risks by setting limits for such individual cards.

Access to Emergency and Travel Assistance

You get protection whenever you make travels around the United States or even abroad. This entails services like legal and medical referrals, transportation emergencies, and assistance in locating lost luggage.

AAdvantage CitiBusiness Rewards

If your schedules are travel oriented, then you will find a convenient time with the AAdvantage card. Purchases amounting to $750 within a period of four months of attaining membership of AAdvantage CitiBusiness card, will guarantee you a reward of 25, 0000 bonus miles for AAdvantage. Should you not be able to accumulate this kind of amount within these four months, then you don’t have to worry because every $1 you spend on purchases through the AAdvantage CitiBusiness card will entitle you to one mile. Remember that you will also earn the miles directly from all the purchases you happen to make through your employee account.

AAdvantage CitiBusiness Employee Perks

Companion tickets can be earned with the purchase of any American Airlines tickets that are more than $299. When all of the opportunities for earning miles are taken advantage of, as many as 150,000 bonus miles can accumulate over the course of a year. They can be traded for free tickets or for tickets that are deeply discounted. The card must remain active for the miles to be used and they are good for up to three years from the date of issue.

As this is specifically CitiBusiness AAdvantage card, there are no blackout dates that will prevent cardholders from taking advantage of miles earned. CitiBusiness is renowned for its services.

A personal assistant assigned to each account can help retrieve the necessary information for expense reports. The AAdvantage CitiBusiness card offers $100,000 in travel accident insurance, lost luggage assistance as well as insurance coverage for rental cars. Cardholders are not held liable if an unauthorized transaction occurs on their card. There is also a referral service for legal and medical needs.

The CitiBusiness AAdvantage rewards program offers discounts at a wide variety of merchants and retailers who are also members of the CitiBank network. Membership to the Admiral Club is offered at a discounted rate for AAdvantage CitiBusiness cardholders. The credit card for this card is often higher than others, which makes it a good card to use in emergencies.

Disadvantages of the AAdvantage CitiBusiness Card

One slight disadvantage of this card is that it may not be very favorable for individuals who do not travel frequently. However, you can still gain miles to enable you fly. There are many different program benefits and employee perks with this AAdvantage CitiBusiness card. However, there are some fees and interest rates that separate it from other cards. After the first year, this business credit card has a $75 annual fee, which is automatically charged to the account.

The annual percentage rate is 18.24% from the time the account is activated. There is no introductory period when the interest rate is lower. The same rates are charged for cash advances as well as purchases.

For those who pay off their monthly balance, this card may be worth it for the travel perks alone although of course there are many different travel credit cards and airline credit cards to compare. Start comparing credit cards now!

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “CitiBusiness AAdvantage Card Review”

  1. Terrible Card says:
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    I would not recommend this card to anyone. The last two times that I tried to use my citibusiness card, yesterday and today, the charges were not accepted by citibank. It was very embarrassing. I do not understand why the charges should be refused. I am not over the credit limit. I am at ~$550, and the credit limit is $1000. This by the way is another source of my frustration. It is a business card and they gave me a $1000 credit limit. What a joke. I have two other citibank cards with 25K and 30K limits. I asked them to raise the limit, and they refused. I have not had a credit glitch in my whole life (>30 years of credit record).

    Their customer service is also terrible. I tried calling citibusiness to explain my situation with refusal of charges. I was on hold, purportedly because of “high call volumes”, for over 10 minutes. Then when someone answered, she kept saying I cannot hear you…hello can you speak louder or call back. I could hear her just fine. I think this was just a way to avoid a customer.

    I have found citibusiness card to be one of the worst cards that I have ever had. I would discourage anyone from getting one of these, unless you have no other source of credit.

  2. Horrible website says:
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    • 11111

    Please explain why your site does not have the pdf version of a statement without a request? Do you realize how valuable our time is? Your site requires us to request the download, then wait for your confirmation email, then return within a short period of time to download the stmt. If that time allowance is missed then the whole process begins again. Do you have any idea what a waste of valuable work time this causes? Please change this on your site. Every other credit card company website allows a list of statements to download. Or don’t bother and we will cancel this card and be sure to pass on the info to others who may be considering your card.

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