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The AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard from Citi allows members to earn points for air miles faster than many cards. This MasterCard allows cardholders to earn 15,000 bonus miles with $750 in purchases during the first four months the card is active.

For every dollar spent on purchases, one AAdvantage mile is earned towards travel. The three primary benefits include up to $3,000 in lost luggage coverage, offer several cities for the Reduced Mileage Awards, and no pre-set spending limits, under certain conditions. PaymentAid and Citi Identity Monitor are optional benefits that are available with the Gold card.

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AAdvantage Citi Card Gold Level  is a mid level frequent flier airline credit card that has some interesting perks that come with it, but also some downfalls that need to be noted. One small downfall is the amount of time that it will take to get approved for this card. The card does not have an instant application so it can take up to 4 weeks to get approved for the card. Now to get to the more important facts about this mid level card.

AAdvantage Gold Interest Rate

The interest rate on this frequent flier credit card is 15.24% variable which means that the rate can and probably will change in the future. This interest rate is above the average credit card interest rate of just over 14% by quite a bit. For a gold level card to have an interest rate over 15% is not very good at all.

AAdvantage Gold Annual Fees and Grace Period

Unlike the bronze version of this card, the Citibank AA gold version does have annual fee of $50. This is yet another down side of this card. It has a higher interest rate than its bronze counterpart and an annual fee to boot. The grace period on the AA Advantage Gold Card just like the bronze one is 20 days which is 5 days less than the average grace period, yet another downfall to this card. Overall the interest rate and grace period make this card less than desirable.

AAdvantage Gold Reward Program

One area where this card is at least up to par with other gold frequent flier cards is its rewards program. An initial credit of 15,000 miles is awarded to the card holder upon the first $750 dollars spent with this card. Thereafter one frequent flier mile is awarded for every dollar spent with this card.

There is a 60,000 air mile cap on this card which is a nice increase from the 25,000 miles on the bronze card. The mile cap increase also makes this card more suited to businesses than the bronze. This card also provides its holder with a Hertz rental car discount and included car rental insurance, this can be a nice perk for the avid traveler. You also get free international cell phone rentals when using this card. The Citi AAdvantage MasterCard Gold Level Insurance is a great option for users wanting peace of mind with their credit card.

While the AAdvantage Gold card does have an annual fee of $50 and a slightly higher interest rate than the bronze version, the increased mile bonus should more than make up for that. The card does not have a spending limit and the mile cap is 60,000 both of which makes this card well suited for small business purposes.

Overall if you own a business and you travel a lot the AAdvantage gold card will make a nice addition to your collection and should prove to be a useful business tool. Of course, there are many different business credit cards to compare before you decide though.

AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard Details

In most cases, 25,000 American Airlines bonus points is enough for AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard members to earn a free round trip travel award. These travel awards can be used to travel to specific regions within the United States or Canada. These are locations that require fewer miles than average for a round trip ticket to be earned.

These mileage points may never expire and there are no blackout days for travel. Destinations will vary based on the time of year and a list is published online quarterly. The cities that qualify for the reduced travel award also vary by card. This means that the Reduced Mileage Award destinations for the Gold World MasterCard card may be different from those for the Platinum Select.

There is a limit of 60,000 AAdvantage earned miles per year with the AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard. American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles can be used for American Airlines, American Eagle and AmericanConnection flights. Mileage points will not expire if there is a portion redeemed at least once in an 18-month period of time.

Program points are only accessible if the card remains active and payments are current. If the account is closed, points will be lost. There are no blackout dates for travel, but there are a limited number of seats set aside for the travel award tickets and are often sold quickly. Members should book as early as possible to ensure the destination and dates of preference are available.

AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard Benefits

Points earned are automatically added to the frequent flier card once all purchase requirements are met. The updated status can be viewed either from the AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard page or the Citi MasterCard site. Other Citi Card AAdvantage Gold MasterCard benefits that accompany the card that do not focus specifically on bonus miles. They include:

  • No pre-set limits if the balance of the card is paid each month.
  • Personal concierge services are available to assist members in any destination, worldwide.
  • 90-day retail purchase protection against damage or theft up to $1,000.
  • A 1-year extended warranty is available on most items purchased with the AAdvantage Master Card extended warranty. This extends the original U.S warranties only.
  • Medical and legal referral services that include emergency transportation to medical facilities and translators as needed.
  • Coverage for trip cancellation or interruption due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Hertz rental car discounts and automatic rental car insurance protection.
  • Free International cell phone rental.
  • Virtual account numbers which make it impossible for anyone to steal the actual account number when shopping online.

AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard Disadvantages

Although qualifying points for flights or purchases are automatically transferred to the AAdvantage Citi World Elite Gold, it takes 8-10 weeks for them to be approved and viewed on the card. For AAdvantage Gold World MasterCard accountholders that want to take advantage of the points sooner, they should consider one of the American Express or Chase travel cards.

However, the average time for purchase requirements to be met and points transferred on any card is 6-8 weeks. The annual percentage rate is 15.24% variable. Cash advance rates are 25.24% variable. Those on a tight budget may prefer to select a card with fixed interest rates the account will be carrying a balance.

The grace period is only 20 days, which is somewhat shorter than other cards. The average is 25 days. The annual membership fee is $50. There are few unique perks with this card, so unless there is frequent travel, the rates may be prohibitively high. The AAdvantage Gold World credit card does not offer any introductory rates for purchases or balance transfers.

American Express, Chase and Bank of America all offer cards that may not offer as many travel points, but do offer many benefits for a lower annual fee and a range of cards offer introductory rates. There is no “instant application” available for this AAdvantage cards. As a result, the approval process may take up to 4 weeks.

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