AARP Rewards Platinum Visa Credit Card

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AARP Rewards Platinum Visa Credit CardThe AARP Platinum Visa Card is a Chase Bank USA product. One of their most unique features is that the card holder can set their own payment date.This makes it easier to fit the payments into a budget. Unlike so many other credit cards, this card does not carry an annual fee that must be paid each year. Read the AARP Platinum Rewards Credit Card review and then be sure and check out our free tool for comparing credit card offers today!

Liability Coverage

They do offer zero liability coverage on purchases that are proven to not be made by the card holder. However, this coverage does not apply to all transactions. ATM transactions or transactions where a pin number must be used that are not processed by Visa will not be covered. They offer price protection coverage and their early warning fraud program is really effective.

AARP Credit Card APR’s

There is a zero percent APR for the first six months. The rates increase considerably and will vary after the initial six months. They run from 12.24 percent to 18.24 percent. They also use the daily balance method to calculate interest. As with many other cards additional interest can be avoided by paying balances in full.

The annual percentage rate on overdraft balances is 13.99 percent. This percentage rate varies and is not used at all in some states.

The cash advance annual percentage rate is even higher which is normal in most cases. This rate is 24.24 percent. The interest rate on transfers, advances and overdrafts are charged on the date the transaction took place.

Penalty Percentage Rates

Penalty percentage rates are high as with most credit cards. The AARP Platinum Visa card is no different. This rate can be as much as 29.99%. You are charged a penalty rate whenever a payment is not received, you go over your credit limit or any of these things happen on other accounts you have with Chase or a related agency. The penalty rate will go into effect sixty days after a payment is missed or other action takes place that warrants a penalty rate.

Other Fees

Their fee for balance transfers can be as little as five dollars or three percent, whichever is higher. The cash advance fee is also three percent but with a minimum of ten dollars. Foreign transfers will always be three percent. This card also carries penalty fees which are $15 for a balance of $750 or less and $39 for a balance of $750 or more. The over credit limit, returned payment or returned check fees are $35 per incident. They also reserve the right to make changes. The card holder agrees to this when they accept and sign the credit card agreement.

Apply for the AARP Rewards Platinum

Should you apply for the AARP Rewards Platinum Visa Credit Card offer? Check out our free tool for comparing credit card offers today!

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