AARP Travel Plus Visa Signature Card

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AARP Credit CardRead this review of the AARP Travel Plus Visa Signature Credit Card to decide if this is the best travel credit card for your needs and then either apply for the AARP Travel Credit Card or use our free tool to compare credit cards online!

Most individuals who are age 50 or older have heard of AARP the organization that advocates for those age 50 and older. AARP offers a variety of services and programs to help older American’s negotiate in the world. One of the AARP travel credit card offerings is the AARP Travel Plus Signature Visa Credit Card. Before you submit an AARP credit card application read through this AARP credit card review and do your research.

We will take a look at this AARP credit card in comparison to other similar credit cards and discuss the pros and cons of the AARP Travel Plus card.

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AARP Travel Plus Credit Card Points and Rebates

AARP Signature Visa card offers a very generous purchase rebate. You can get 1 point for every dollar that you charge on the card. Whenever enough points are accrued they can be exchanged for an airline ticket This is one of the most generous travel incentives out there. Seniors who want to spend their golden years traveling should seriously consider this card. The APR on the Signature Visa is fairly low ranging from 12 to 21 percent depending on your credit history. It also offers collision insurance on rental cars, as well as lost baggage insurance. The annual fee for this card is $59 per year.

Other Travel Credit Cards

Capital One’s Signature no hassle credit card has a lower annual fee as well as an APR of only 9.99%. This card similarly to the AARP travel card also gives you collision insurance if you are renting a car. Capital One’s card only will give you 1 point for every 1.25 you charge on the card. These points can also be exchanged for air miles.

There are other credit cards that offer travel benefits:, Citicard also allows you to earn air miles with purchases although at this time, an individual is limited to air miles on American Airlines. Interest rates on the card are usually a minimum of 13 percent depending on your credit history. This card does have an annual fee of $85 however. An individual can earn 25,00 bonus miles with $750 in purchases.

Another card to consider is AAA American Express Credit Card sponsored by the American Automobile Association which contains benefits for travelers. It also allows you to earn 1 point toward airline travel for every dollar spent. It has no annual fee and cardholders can earn a portable DVD player with qualifying purchases.

Should You Apply for the AARP Travel Card?

There are advantages to using a travel credit card particularly if you enjoy traveling or do it frequently. AARP’s Travel Visa Plus credit card is one that should be considered along with other similar cards. An individual should weigh the benefits of these cards before deciding on the card that is best for you. Use our free credit card finder tool to start comparing credit cards now!

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