Achieva Credit Union Visa College Connection Credit Card

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Achieva Credit Union Visa College Connection Credit CardThis review is for the Achieva Credit Union Visa College Connection Credit Card. This card was one of the three original credit cards offered by Achieva Credit Union; however, there is no longer any way to apply for the card. The only cards that available on the Achieva website are the Visa Platinum and Visa Emerald credit cards.

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Achieva Credit Union Visa College Connection Credit Card Details

At the time the Achieva Credit Union Visa College Connection Credit Card was offered, it had an annual percentage rate of 13.99%. The APR for balance transfers and cash advances was the same 13.99%. Like the other Achieva Credit Cards, there was a grace period of 25 days. A grace period allows you to save money on interest charges if you pay off the balance each month.

While there are many different student credit cards available, you are encouraged to make sure that you look into all the details of the card. This includes:

  • Promotional rates
  • Annual fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Payment options

There is more emphasis being placed on students leaving college with a lot of debt, whether student debt or credit card debt. While the Obama Administration is looking at ways to limit the amount of loan debt that students will have when they graduate, it is vital that students don’t leave school with a tremendous amount of unsecured credit card debt.

Achieva Credit Union Visa College Connection Credit Card Benefits

While there is no longer a college connection credit card, Achieva offers several different benefits if you have a checking or savings account. For example, Achieva offers:

  • Online banking at no charge
  • Ability to view balances, funds transfer and bill pay
  • Loan applications
  • Mobile application to view your accounts from a Smartphone

Achieva Credit Union also recently changed all their credit and debit cards to a flat card instead of the traditional embossed cards. This change makes it more difficult for your card numbers to be stolen and used fraudulently.

Achieva also uses advanced fraud protection technology. This includes multiple verification tools and a card-monitoring department that warns customers immediately if suspicious activity is detected.

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