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Air Canada Credit CardRead this review of the Air Canada credit card lineup and then be sure to check out our full lineup of credit card reviews.

Air Canada is the largest full service airline in Canada, serving over 32 million people annually to more than 170 destinations worldwide. They have a well-developed rewards program called Aeroplan that not only involves frequent flyer miles, but also discounts on rental cars, travel insurance, hotel stays and a variety of vacation packages and attraction tickets.

Among their partners are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Each type of card has its own rewards program. There are some perks that are offered to all members of Aeroplan and others that have been developed for either US or Canadian citizens. Use our free tool to compare credit cards online today!

Air Canada World MasterCard

The Air Canada MasterCard can be considered a solid, no frills part of the Aeroplan program. Up to 15,000 bonus miles can be earned with a qualifying first purchase and one mile is earned for each dollar spent using the card. There is an annual membership fee of $60. The APR for purchases and balance transfers are variable rates based on credit score. It varies from 11.99% to 19.99%, plus the prime rate. Transaction and penalty fees are comparable to other frequent flyer credit cards. The billing cycle is at least 25 days. This is more than many programs, but unless cardholders travel frequently, there are not many additional perks outside of mileage points.

Air Canada Aeroplan Visa Card

There are two consumer and two business Visa credit card plans that are available to Air Canada frequent fliers. They offer low introductory rates, the ability to earn 1.5 Aeroplan miles for every dollar spent on every day purchases, as well as when used as a bill payment method. The enhanced list of benefits includes discounts on expenditures such as car rental discounts, perks at travel agencies and gas stations. Depending on the account that applicants qualify for, there are different levels of bonus miles earned automatically upon approval. There are also online tools designed for easy organization and management of the account. Organizational and management tools include:

  • Easily track and itemize expenses, on a year-to-date or monthly level. There are 10 commonly used categories on each month’s statement to make it easier to see.
  • Online statements allow for creation of monthly budgets, customized to each individual account holders needs.
  • Smart Alerts can be sent to a telephone, email or online message when credit limits are close to being reached.
  • Personalized Expense Manager allows users to create their own categories to track only what is most important to them, leaving out all of the information that is not.

Air Canada Credit Card Comparison

Annual fees and benefits increase with each level of card. Member fees may be up to $120 annually. There is a different credit limit and required personal or household minimum for each as well. The interest rate of 19.5% is higher than most, but it is a fixed rate, rather than a variable rate, so the payment amounts will not fluctuate as much as other cards.

As with any credit card program, it is recommended that the plan be compared point by point to decide which will provide the greatest benefit. In many cases, the extensive list of benefits may outweigh the membership fee, if they fit the lifestyle of the cardholder. CIBA is the partner in Visa programs. Contacting them directly may positively affect the transfer percentage rate if applicants have existing cards in good standing.

Use our free tool to compare credit cards online today!

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