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AirTran Airways A+ Business Credit CardThe AirTran Airways A+ Business Visa card has been developed with small business owners in mind. Credits and points towards a free roundtrip ticket are earned from the first time this business credit card is used.

Unlike many travel rewards cards, these credits are not equal to a dollar. In some cases a free ticket can be earned with only 8 A+ credits. Four credits are often enough for a business class upgrade.

There are two different A+ Business Visa cards available through AirTran Airways. One has an annual fee, with double the credits and points earned. The other fee free and offers a lower number of credit rewards and points.

AirTran Airways A+ Visa Positives

  • The AirTran Business Visa card offers 0% introductory rate on all balance transfers for 6 months.
  • Free additional cards can be provided to allow the primary account holder to earn rewards faster.
  • There are no limits placed on the number of credits earned in a year.
  • 0% liability in the event of fraud or theft.

The annual percentage rate (APR) for the AirTran Airways A+ Business account is based on the creditworthiness of each applicant. It will be either 14.24% or 17.24% variable APR for purchases and balance transfers after the first six billing cycles.

AirTran Airways A+ Negatives

  • Credits expire at the end of two years. Many business rewards programs have points that do not expire.
  • The credits earned the first time the card is used are limited to less than 10,000, whereas most cards have no limit or offer a specified quantity that is enough for a free round-trip ticket.
  • The billing cycle is 20 days, rather than 25 or 28.
  • There are different fee structures for balance transfers after the introductory period, convenience checks, cash advances and currency exchanges.

Although the benefits seem comprehensive, there has been negative feedback about AirTran Airways customer service levels and the ability to find space on a flight that will accept a free ticket. There are other cards that provide better benefits with fewer negatives. Get started comparing all credit cards now!

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