Alabama Central Credit Union Platinum VISA Card

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Alabama Central Credit Union Platinum VISA CardThe only credit card offered by Alabama Central Credit Union is the Classic Visa Card, so applying for a Platinum card from them is not possible. There is, however, a Platinum Visa card available from Alabama Credit Union, which services students from UAH, UA, and other colleges.

To compare credit cards for a variety of rates and types, all you need to do is fill in your information in the credit card chaser tool.

Alabama Credit Union Platinum VISA Types

The Alabama Credit Union offers three different types of Platinum credit cards. The first type is the Level 1. This credit card is accompanied by a 12.9% APR and has a grace period of 25 days before interest starts accruing on purchases. It also has no annual fee.

The Level 2 Platinum credit card has an APR of 10.9% and has the same type of features as their Classic Visa. It also works like a rewards credit card because you earn Scorecard Points for every purchase that you make. These points can be used for travel and merchandise awards. Other features of the Level 2 card include travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, courtesy checks, and much more.

The Level 3 Platinum Visa card is the lowest cost credit card. Its APR is only 8.9%, there is no annual fee associated with it, and there is a grace period of 25 days.

Alabama Credit Union Platinum VISA Credit Responsibility

Because the Platinum Visa credit card is issued to many college students, Alabama Credit Union pledges students and the parents that they will do what they can to not overload students with debt from credit cards.

This includes issuing credit limits that are modest, usually requiring a cosigner, and designing the cards to help students manage their account so they are not burdened with payments for many years.

Other responsible credit card advice can be found at

There are many other Platinum credit cards from which to choose. Use the credit card chaser tool on this page to compare credit cards and their rates online.

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