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Aldo Credit CardAldo is a store that offers all types of clothing and accessories, but is most known for excellent shoes and handbags. Even though Aldo is very popular and successful they do not currently offer their own store credit card.

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Even though Aldo does not offer their own credit card they do accept all credit cards as a source of payment on their website. Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card are all accepted over the secure Aldo website, which is a McAfee Secure website.

The Common Drawbacks to Store Credit Cards

Typically when people have problems with credit card debt, store credit cards are usually to blame. These store specific cards typically have very high interest rates. The APR on most store credit cards is well above 20 percent.

Even though these very high interest rates can mean big trouble for most people store credit cards can actually help the store shopper if they are used properly. This fine line means that the cardholder must be a bit more vigilant in monitoring their store credit cards than they have to be with other credit cards. For great tips on how to fully understand and keep track of your credit cards check out

The Best Way to Use Store Credit Cards

If the store credit card comes from a store that the cardholder shops at very frequently the card could actually help the cardholder save money. Many stores offer exclusive discounts to shoppers that make purchases with their store credit card. It is also very common for stores to offer special rewards programs and even monetary rewards for their more frequent shoppers.

When it comes to store credit cards, the most important thing to remember is to pay off the balance before the interest applies. While this is great advice for all types of credit cards the interest tends to be so high on store credit cards that just letting the interest to accumulate for one month can completely erase the value of any rewards earned up until that point.

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