Amalgamated Bank of Chicago MasterCard

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Amalgamated Bank of Chicago MasterCardAlthough this bank offers a full line of banking and trust services, it is the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago MasterCard that offers the credit you need to get things done. This credit card comes in two forms, standard and gold, with the flexibility and spending options you need. This is said to be one of the best credit cards available.

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The main concerns people have with possessing credit cards is the fees and interest rates associated with them. The lower the APR, the better the rate since the annual percentage rate is based on the interest rate charged by the bank. Fees usually refer to the annual fee charged for possessing it.

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Standard and Stand Plus MasterCard

The standard Amalgamated Bank of Chicago MasterCard has several attributes and features such as:

  • Low APR
  • Fraud Alert and Protection
  • Rewards Program
  • 25 Day Grace Period

In addition to the low annual percentage rate, you will not be liable for fraud associated with your card. The rewards program saves you money on a list of products and services.

Your statements are itemized with vendor names, dates and other pertinent information divided by category, the individual cardholder’s name and division. Your spending limit is flexible, and adjustable. For instance if you want to establish a different limit for each cardholder, you have that option.

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Gold, Gold Plus MasterCard

The Gold and Gold Plus MasterCard offers additional reward points and higher spending limits. The bank also offers the Union Plus card for union members, and union associations. They have some of the same options as corporate credit cards. These cards carry a 7.25% APR whereas the standard low interest card carries a 10.75% rate.

Your AlmalgaMiles are offered on your reward credit cards associated with your individual or business account and require an annual $15 for union cardholders and $29 for individuals and businesses. Your AlmagaMiles work like airline credit cards with discounts on your ticket.

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Corporate Bank Card

The Amalgamated Bank of Chicago protects its card members by including the cardholders name in addition to the company name on each card. This is just one of the extra steps it takes to secure your corporate account. You can also customize your account with limits and statement issues to each cardholder as well. This card is very beneficial for small, medium, and large business accounts.

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One Cardholder Review for the “Amalgamated Bank of Chicago MasterCard”

  1. Donna Nebo says:
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    I have had your MC for several years and today I COULD NOT reach anyone regarding a fraud situation! I called 1-800-365-6464 and pressed 5 for customer service and the phone rang for over an hour (I had it on speaker the whole time). Then I called back and chose the option for a lost or stolen credit card and so far have been on hold for over 18 minutes. If you don’t work on weekends then say so.! I would like to know how to get in touch with someone.

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