Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union MasterCard

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Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union MasterCardThe Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union MasterCard is designed to assist labor union workers. When other banks were charging astronomical rates to everyday working people, the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago recognized the need for service to this sector of the community. Ever since 1922 when the bank opened its doors, its dedication to working families was made manifest according to the bank’s history.

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The Amalgamated Clothing Workers or Unite Here is responsible for the start of these banking services. Not only does the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago offer support to union workers it also supports other working families and businesses in the metro Chicago region. Bank employees are also Unite Here associates.

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union MasterCard Features

Today this union bank boasts assets of over 600 million, with growth continuing in Warrenville County for the convenience of its DuPage County union workers. Those who possess the Union MasterCard exercise the benefits of low interest rates and fees in addition to accessibility to cash advances and balance transfers without the hassles of many other banks.

Labor unions have the advantage of acquiring loans at these low rates with instant approvals on eligible accounts. Your Union MasterCard is good in over 100 countries where you can use most ATM’s. If your labor union chooses to include the AmalaMiles program, it only costs $15 per year.

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union MasterCard Rates

There is no annual fee for the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union MasterCard. There is a 3% fee on transactions domestic and international. Annual percentage rates stand at 9.25% for union members, while cash advances and transfers are 14.25%. Late payment fees range from $15 to $39, and $25 for returned checks.

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union MasterCard Online Services

You can manage and pay your Amalgamated Union MasterCard bill online. This bank has taken the steps to make sure your online transactions are secure. You can apply online and make changes to your account as well. Your labor union can also have your business credit cards made with your union logo placed on each cardholder’s card.

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    Sorry this is not a card you can depend on. They decide if they think what you are purchasing is fraud and stop the use of your card. There is no one there to help after hours or on weekends to inform them that you are the one making the purchase that decide to stop They say someone will be there at all times but when you call to see why they won’t let your purchase go through no one ever answers after hours or on weekends when you use your card the most, I pay my card bill off each month and yet they have stopped my card and caused many problems for things I needed to purchase with my card. So embarrassing to be out eating and not having your card go through, especially when your bill is always paid, new bill is not due, and balance is paid off almost every month. Poor customer service system. I cannot trust this card and always worry that it will be denied each time I use it. I do not like to have more than one credit card bult with this card I need a back up now. It is very hard for me to rate this card since I cannot trust it. Has anyone else had this problem?

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