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Amazon Business Credit CardThe Amazon Business Credit Card is offered through Amazon’s partnership with Chase. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and is accompanied by a rewards program. The primary benefits include special discounts for signing-up, no annual fee, monthly billing as well as online account management.

The online approval process is fast and easy. Applicants simply fill out the form and click the “sign up” button. A decision is calculated within a minute in most cases. If there are further questions or issues, the process may take from two to four weeks.

Status inquiries should not be made before 14 business days have passed. This will ensure there is enough time to review the Amazon Business credit card application manually. As they are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis, there is no way to speed up the approval process. Get started comparing credit cards now! Business Credit Card Approval Requirements

There are very few requirements to qualify for the card. Cardholders must be U.S. residents, have a social security number or US Individual Taxpayer Identification number (TIN) and be at least 18 years of age. This is a fast, easy method to use to begin shopping at Amazon. Once approved, it is automatically added to the user’s Amazon account as a valid payment method.

Amazon Business Credit Card Rewards

The Amazon Business credit card will be activated automatically and a confirmation email is sent with the instructions necessary to use the card. A physical card will arrive in the mail in approximately three weeks. At that time it is used as any other Visa credit card.

To see the balance of their rewards points, cardholders can go to the Chase web site and select the Amazon card. The rewards link will be shown that accesses the rewards points balance.

There is also the option to view points on the Amazon Rewards Visa Card statement. Points are earned beginning the first time the card is used.

Amazon Business Card Points and Terms

If it is used for an Amazon purchase, triple the points can be earned. The Amazon Business credit card offers many of the same rewards and features as the Chase Amazon Platinum Visa card offered to consumers.

Double points can be earned at participating restaurants, drugstores and gas stations. A point is earned for each dollar spent at locations that accept Visa.

The annual percentage rate (APR) is a base plus prime. The minimum interest charged for purchases and balance transfers are 13.24%, and may be as high as 21.24%. This is based on credit history and scores.

Amazon Business Credit Card Comparisons

The penalty for the Amazon Business credit card APR is 29.99% and will be charged indefinitely. The billing cycle is 21 days. If the balance is cleared within that timeframe, there will be no interest charged.

The rates are higher than many other business credit cards, but an Excellent credit rating is not required for an Amazon business credit card. There are no membership fees, but there are charges for balance transfers, cash advances and foreign transactions. Comparable business cards offer a reduced or 0% APR for a specified introductory period whereas the Amazon credit card does not.

For most business cards, there is no membership fee. However, this card gives three times the rewards points for anything purchased on Amazon, regardless of category. Most cards give dollar for dollar rates. Get started comparing credit cards now!

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