Amegy Bank of Texas Visa Private Banking Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Amegy Bank of Texas Visa Private Banking Visa Platinum Credit CardPrivate banking is typically used by people that have larger than average account balances. People with larger sums of money typically need a different type of credit card than the average person. To help try to fit the needs of their customers with larger than average account balances the Amegy Bank of Texas offers a Private Banking Visa Platinum credit card.

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The Benefits of an Amegy Bank Private Banking Visa Platinum Card

Someone that needs a private banking credit card most likely needs a card that allows for a larger daily limit than a regular credit card. This private banking credit card also offers larger cash advances than a normal credit card.

This special credit card also allows the cardholder to be enrolled in the special reward points program without having to pay the annual program fee.

Benefits that are Available with all Amegy Bank Visa Platinum Cards

Even though someone with a private banking credit card might have access to some features that average customers may not, there are certain features that all Visa Platinum cardholders have. These features include free car rental insurance, a travel accident insurance policy worth $250,000 and free roadside assistance.

Another feature that is available with all Visa credit cards, not just the Platinum, is the zero liability policy. This policy protects the cardholder is their credit card is stolen and used. Any charges that were made to the cardholder’s account without their permission and by an unauthorized cardholder will be reimbursed and the cardholder will not have any liability.

Visa also offers their cardholders identity theft protection, which helps the cardholder if they ever discover their identity has been stolen and a credit card has been opened with their information. Identity theft is the fast growing crime in the United States today.

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