Amegy Bank of Texas Visa Student Visa Classic Credit Card

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Amegy Bank of Texas Visa Student Visa Classic Credit CardThe student credit card offered by the Amegy Bank of Texas is a specially designed credit card that lets college students build their credit history the right way. While many young adults can often be approved for a regular credit card, a student credit card offers special features that keep them from making common credit card mistakes.

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A Student Credit Card is Different than a Regular Credit Card

The primary way a student credit card is different from a regular credit card is that it typically has lower credit limits. A student credit card like the Visa Student credit card often has a maximum credit line of $2,000.

By limiting the maximum credit line, a student credit card protects the cardholder from getting out of control and accumulating significant credit card debt. While $2,000 might seem like a lot of credit card debt, especially to someone in college, considering the national average for a person with credit card debt is $10,000; things are quickly put into perspective.

Another way student credit cards differ from regular credit cards is that they try to reward the cardholder for responsible credit card use. A Visa Student credit card with a cash back rewards program will often pay the cardholder an extra 25% cash back each month they pay their credit card bill on time.

A Student Credit Card is a Great First Credit Card

This type of credit card is a great choice for a young adult in college that is looking for their first credit card. Many expenses come up during college that are hard to plan for and a student credit card offers a great safety net for those situations.

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