American Appendix Horse Association Visa Platinum Rewards Card

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American Appendix Horse Association Visa Platinum Rewards Card

The review is for the American Appendix Horse Association Visa Platinum Rewards Card. Issued by UMB Financial, this card is for individuals who are looking to support and show their affinity towards horses and the AAHA.

The American Appendix Horse Association is an organization in which owners of Appendix horses can register their horse and become a member of the group. The organization also offers a credit card that you can make purchases with while supporting the Appendix horse.

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American Appendix Horse Association Visa Platinum Rewards Card Details

The AAHA Visa card does not have an annual fee associated with it. There is a 0% introductory annual percentage rate for the card that is valid for the first six months the card is open. There are also no balance transfer fees for the first six months.

Once the introductory period is over, the APR increases to 12.99%. Like all other cards offered through UMB Financial, the cash advance rate is 16.99% and the penalty annual percentage rate if you are late with a payment or have a payment returned is 21.75%.

The AAHA Visa card offers a grace period of 21 days. If you are able to pay your balance off within that time period each month, you will not be subject to interest charges.

Appendix Horse Association Credit Card Benefits

Every single purchase made with the AAHA Visa card supports the AAHA by contributing a portion back to the organization.

In addition, UMB will give $50 to the AAHA for every card that is opened and at least one purchase is made in the first 90 days.

Consistent with all Visa Platinum cards, the AAHA Visa offers around-the-clock customer service, complete fraud protection, and travel and car rental insurance.

Another bonus for using the card is that when you initially use the card the Appendix Foundation will receive a $50 donation from the bank. The bank will also make ongoing contributions to the Foundation in the future.

Appendix Horse Association Foundation

The Appendix horse is one of the types of horses that are sold for slaughter without papers. The Appendix Foundation helps to save these horses’ lives and increase their value by promoting the horse as being its own breed as well as maintaining the horse’s pedigree.

The foundation relies on the kindness and funding from others. By getting and using the credit card that is offered by the association, you will be supporting their mission.

The purpose of the AAHA is to be an advocate for the Appendix breed of horses. Many of these horses are sent to be slaughtered if they do not have registration papers. The AAHA supports the breed and encourages individuals to see the value of the breed.

Choosing the Right Card

By using the Visa rewards credit card, you receive bonus points that can be used for multiple things such as cash back rewards and merchandise at participating merchants, as well as free airline tickets. The Visa card is also accompanied by travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, 100% fraud protection, and emergency customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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