American DreamCard Platinum MasterCard

If you’re a lottery player and sweepstakes jackpot dreamer, then you will be thrilled after reading this American DreamCard Platinum MasterCard credit card review. This MasterCard is unique in its rewards program in that it offers its cardholders sweepstake rewards in exchange for points earned by using DreamCard credit card for qualifying purchases.

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How the American DreamCard Platinum Card Rewards Program Works

As with most credit card rewards programs, you can earn rewards by making qualified purchases with your credit card. However, with the American DreamCard Platinum MasterCard offered by HSBC Card Services, you earn sweepstake entries instead of cash back or rewards points.

For every $1.00 you spend on a qualifying purchase you receive an entry into a monthly sweepstakes held by American DreamCard. At the time of writing this, American DreamCard had already awarded $1,218,000 to winning participants. Each qualifying transaction is capped at 1,000 entries, but the next purchase is a separate transaction again and can earn you more entries, giving you possibly thousands of chances to win the jackpot over the year. You will receive 1,000 entries just for applying for the American DreamCard and for every friend you refer to this credit card will earn you an additional 50 entries.

Official Rules for the American DreamCard Sweepstakes

The America DreamCard sweepstakes promotion began on October 1, 2009 and it ends on September 30, 2010, with the possibility of another sweepstakes promotion beginning again. Every net dollar you spend on purchases, cash advances, or balance transfers will earn you 1 entry into the drawing. For each transaction exceeding $1,000 you will receive a maximum of 1,000 entries.

By applying for the MasterCard you will automatically earn 1,000 entries. You can earn an additional 100 entries if you enroll in the program’s online account service called AccountCentral®. An additional 100 entries will also be rewarded each time you pay your bill online through AccountCentral (limited to three payments per month). For every friend you refer who applies for the credit card you will earn 50 entries plus you will get a bonus of 1,000 entries for every friend that is approved for the American DreamCard Platinum MasterCard. Note: you risk being disqualified if you refer people you do not actually know, so do not spam!

Furthermore, there may be bonus entries available at random times during the promotion. The alternate method of entry is via mail and each entry received will count as 1,000 entries.

There are twelve grand prizes that will be doled out once per month for each monthly drawing. The winner will receive half of the total dollars spent by all American DreamCard participants for that drawing period. The maximum for each drawing is $50,000. The winners are selected randomly on or about the 15th of each month by an independent organization.

In order to be eligible you must be at least eighteen-years-old and not be employed or have any immediate family members employed by HSBC Bank. All winners will be notified by mail and if the winner cannot be notified within fourteen days an alternate winner will be selected. The winner’s account must be in good standing in order to redeem the prize. Taxes are the responsibility of the winner. As part of the promotion, winners agree to their name, picture, and geographical data being used for advertising purposes. Winners will be listed online each month, but a list of all winners will be available upon request after November 30, 2010.

American DreamCard AccountCentral

AccountCentral is the platform for American DreamCard cardholders to manage their account online. With it, you can pay your bill, see your statements, and set up email alerts and notifications. It is free to enroll and can actually earn you extra entries into the American DreamCard sweepstakes (See Official Rules for details).

The My Account section shows you your account summary, including account balance, available credit, and your payment due date. You can also get a spending profile that shows you your percentage of purchases by category and the history of what you spent over a four month period. You can track your spending with various reports and even search for specific transactions as needed.

The payment center conveniently lets you pay your bill online. You can pay the minimum due, the full statement balance, or any amount you choose with a minimum of $1.00 and not to exceed your total balance due. You have complete access to payment history whenever you need it.

The Account Services tab gives you access to update your personal information, order checks, add authorized users, order replacement cards, dispute a transaction, activate a new card, request a pin number, or enroll in personal account protection.

Using the American DreamCard Platinum MasterCard is like playing the lottery for free. You get an entry into a jackpot sweepstakes for every $1.00 you spend. That means that any time you go to the grocery store or gas up with your credit card, you’re automatically entered. Drawings are held every month, so your chances to win are always growing. To apply for the American DreamCard Platinum MasterCard, click on the link now and “Make your dream come true.” or to compare credit cards of many different types then user our free credit card finder today!

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