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compare american express credit cardsLooking for American Express credit card offers? There are many different types of credit cards and credit lines offered by American Express. American Express has been one of the most respected names in the credit card industry for over 150 years.

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The first to be accepted overseas, American Express became a traveler’s must have companion. Here are some of the important features of this company so that you can see if an American Express credit card would meet your credit needs.

History of American Express

You may wonder why the company is called American Express. It was not started as a credit card company as such entities did not exist in 1850. It was started as a delivery company that delivered freight and valuables. From freight and valuables they moved on to travelers’ checks and money orders. Travelers’ checks revolutionized the way people traveled and the access to money that was available to them.

As more places nationally and internationally began to accept travelers’ checks American Express encountered steady growth. This growth led to the charge card and has now resulted in American Express becoming a global leader as a global payment company. It is global because American Express has a presence in more than 130 countries.

Through all transactions American Express states that they keep their values in the fore front. They claim their timeless values are customer commitment, quality, integrity, teamwork, respect, good citizenship, the will to win, and accountability.

American Express Products

American Express offers a variety of products and, since its market is so wide, the company strives to have something that fits everyone’s lifestyle and credit needs. AmEx offers 16 personal credit cards in four categories. Each category has different benefits, rewards, limits, and credit available.

American Express Classic Cards

The first category of personal credit cards is the line of American Express Classic Cards. The Preferred Rewards Green Card is the most basic card in this category. For those who qualify, this card does not have a pre-set spending limit or an annual fee for the first year, and there are no interest charges when you pay your bill in full each month. Since it is a reward card, you get about one point for every dollar that is spent with double and triple points given by various online retailers and flights. You can then use points for travel, to purchase gift cards or to purchase products.

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American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card

The second card in this category is the Preferred Rewards Gold Card. This card offers the same benefits as the Green Card with some added and enhanced features. For example, with the Gold Card, you can purchase additional points to get what you want when you want it. You can also use points to shop at where you can get designer clothing and more.

American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card

The next personal credit card available is the Rewards Plus Gold Card. This card gives double points when you book travel through American Express and allows you to redeem points with certain airlines and hotels. In addition to this, card holders can redeem points for entertainment and dining as well as get tickets to sold-out events. All the benefits of the Green Card and Gold Card apply as well.

American Express Platinum Credit Card

The last card in this category is the Platinum Card. This is the most prestigious card offered by American Express to individuals. This card comes with concierge service which means if you don’t feel like shopping, booking reservations, or finding tickets to a show just let American Express know and they will do it for you.

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Just having a Platinum Card gives you access to airport clubs with several airlines along with travel consultants and personal 24/7 assistance when you travel. For Platinum customers only, shopping at the Bonus Points Mall gives you four times the reward points. There is a $450 annual fee for the Platinum Card.

American Express Flexible Payment Cards

The next category of cards is the Flexible Payment Cards. Each of these cards allows you to pay your balance in full or overtime with interest. There is Blue, Blue Sky, Blue Cash, Clear, and TrueEarnings. Each of these cards is part of the rewards program with varying levels of points earned. Blue has no annual fee, Blue Sky earns free travel with no annual fee, Blue Cash earns you up to 5% cash back with no annual fee, Clear has no fees and gives you automatic rewards, and the TrueEarnings gives cash back for gas, restaurants, and travel.

American Express Air Travel Partners Cards

The third category of credit cards is the Air Travel Partners Cards. Just as it sounds, these cards give rewards when you travel a certain airline. For Delta Airline customers there is the Delta Reserve Card, Gold Delta SkyMiles Card, or Platinum Delta SkyMiles. The Delta Reserve Card earns you miles with purchases and you can share miles with loved ones. The Gold Delta card also earns you miles, but they can be used on 15 different airlines. The Platinum Delta Card gives you 20,000 miles with your first purchase.

The other airline that partners with American Express is Jet Blue. With your first purchase you earn 10,000 dollars worth of points. You can earn double reward dollars at places like restaurants, movie theaters, and concerts. There are also travel discounts, and the option to pay over time. It has an annual fee of $40.

American Express Hotel Partners Cards

The last category of credit cards is the Hotel Partner Cards. The Hilton Hhonors Card lets you earn free nights at over 3,000 Hilton Hotels. The Hilton Hhonors Surpass Card lets you earn free nights faster and get VIP treatment at hotels. The Starwood Preferred Guest Card lets you earn free nights at over 800 Starwood Hotels in 95 countries and free flights on over 30 airlines.

American Express Business Credit Cards

In addition to personal credit cards, American Express also offers Business Cards. The Business Platinum Card, the Plum Card, and the Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card all earn businesses points for things like officer products, travel, and flights for small businesses. They also offer business advice and give suggests on how to get your business off the ground. For corporations, the American Express Corporate Card helps companies save money, track expenses, and negotiate deals with suppliers.

Compare American Express Credit Card Offers

Overall, American Express offers a large variety of cards from basic personal cards to limitless cards for large corporations. If you aren’t sure if American Express is right for you, you can compare credit cards from many different credit card issuers and companies right now by using the comparison tool on this page. Why not start getting the credit and rewards you want most now?

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