• Gift card sold in increments of $25 starting at $25 and up to $5,000 per card
  • NO monthly fees
  • Can be used wherever American Express Cards are accepted in the U.S.
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Editor's Rating
5 out of 5
Intro APRIntro APR PeriodRegular APRCash APR Instant ApprovalCredit Needed
  • One time purchase fee of $3.95
  • NO lost value
  • Gift card balances are refundable if lost or stolen
  • American Express does not ship Gift Cards to the states of HI and VT
  • Give someone the gift they REALLY want
Annual FeeBalance TransferBalance Transfer FeeGuaranteed Approval
No Yes

American Express Gift Card

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Read this American Express Gift Card review to decide if you should apply for an American Express gift card. Spending a lot of time shopping and looking for the perfect gift works– sometimes. Other times, you just don’t have the time to shop or figure out what gift to purchase for a special occasion. This is where American Express Gift Cards come in.

You can purchase an American Express gift card for any occasion online, from a bank, or at many retail locations. From baby showers to weddings from birthdays to anniversaries, these gift cards are a great way to let someone find their own perfect gift.

Once you have finished reading this review of the American Express Gift Cards then either apply for a card or use our FREE credit card finder to compare all types of gift cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards!

American Express Business Gift Cards

The American Express Credit Card Company has many different types of gift cards to choose from so that they match the occasion you are celebrating. The first type of card available is the Business Gift Card. These cards can be purchased in bulk for a business owner to use to thank customers or reward dedicated employees. They can be purchased in amounts from $25 to $3,000 and cost just $3.95 each.

American Express Business Cards come in classic gold with the American Express emblem, limited edition Lunar New Year cards, Holiday designs, thank you cards, business excellence award cards, Spanish best wishes cards, United Way Charity gift cards, cards especially for dining, and cards especially for congratulations. Any of these cards can be used just like an American Express credit card.

To get personal with your business, you can choose the Business Logo Gift Card. This card allows you to put your business logo in the upper left hand corner of the gift card. All logos appear in black. By personalizing your gift cards with your business logo you can recognize employees, reward customers, and promote your business in a way that matters. Each time the recipient uses the card, they will see your business logo and think of your generosity.

American Express Personal Gift Cards

Just as with business gift cards, there are many different types of personal gift cards to choose from as well. You can choose from an Excellence card, Special Achievement Gift card, a Thank You gift card, a Congratulations card, Spanish language card, Holiday cards, Big Heart cards, Birthday cards, Especially for Teens cards, or Have a Blast Cards. Whatever the occasion, you can find a card to match or customize one to say just what you want.

Another type of personal gift card available from American Express is the photo gift card. Even more personal than a message card, the photo card allows you to choose your favorite photo, appropriate to the occasion and apply it to the card. You simply upload your photo, choose the amount you want on the card, choose your shipping method, and wait for the gift card to arrive. These are perfect for long distance celebrations, weddings, baby arrivals, or grandparents. After all, a picture says a thousand words.

Another type of card that can be used for personal or business is the Customized Gift Card. This card allows you to choose up to two lines of a personal message, each line with 21 characters. This is a great way make your gift card more personal. From a Happy Birthday message to an I Love You message, personalizing a gift card makes it more meaningful and shows the card receiver that you put thought into their gift.

American Express Gift Card Fees

American Express Gift Cards do come with some fees. Depending on what type of card you purchase, there are activation fees, purchase fees, customizing fees, and shipping fees. Once purchased, there are no monthly fees and the card never expires. Card holders can go online to check balances or report a lost or stolen card. Card purchasers can earn reward points for every gift card purchased to be used toward future purchases.

American Express Gift Cards can be used just like an American Express credit card. Where ever the credit card is accepted, the gift card is as well. It can be used to make purchases at retailers, at restaurants, to pay bills, or to make cash withdraws for an ATM. Card holders have no time limits on spending so the card can be used right away or saved for later.

American Express Gift Cards are not the only type of gift cards available. If you want to compare what this gift card has to offer along side what other gift cards have to offer, then an online comparison tool is the best way to do just that. Compare gift cards online and find the card that works best for your personal or business purchases. Get started now!

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