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American Savings BankShould you apply for an American Savings Bank credit card offer? Read through this review of the American Savings Bank credit cards and then use our free search tool to start comparing credit cards today!

American Savings bank, founded in 1925, is the third largest financial institution in the state of Hawaii. They offer a Visa credit card with four different account choices: the Visa Classic, the Visa Gold, the Secured Visa, and the Student Secured Visa.

Since it’s always best to compare your options before committing to a decision, we’ve taken the liberty of taking a good, hard look at this card and seeing if its benefits outweigh those of other credit cards that are available from other banking institutions. We’ll be looking at the card’s interest rates and features, as well as the rewards that are offered with the card.

American Savings Bank Credit Card Choices

First, let’s take a look at the four different American Savings Bank credit card account choices. All of the accounts boast fixed interest rates, free enrollment in Visa Rewards, and at least $200,000 of travel insurance whenever you purchase travel using the Visa.

  • The American Savings Bank Visa Classic card has no annual fee, per se, but there is a $24 annual fee for opting to participate in the TravelAwards Plus program.
  • The American Savings Bank Visa Gold card has a $25 annual fee, plus $25 annually is you want to participate in TravelAwards Plus. But the Gold card also comes with free 90-day Purchase Security in case of lost or stolen items purchased with your Visa card. Also, your travel insurance coverage is also bumped up to $500,000.
  • The American Savings Bank Secured Visa card is great for people with little or no credit and who are looking to start building a credit history. The credit line on this card is secured with funds that are kept in an American Savings Bank savings account.
  • The American Savings Bank Student Secured Visa is just like the Secured Visa, except that only students are eligible.

All told, the differences between the different types of accounts available from American Savings Bank are minimal.

American Savings Bank Credit Card Rewards

Now, let’s look at the American Savings Bank credit card rewards programs. All cards include free enrollment in the Visa Rewards program. This program gives you discounts with local merchants and access to special offers from national merchants.

You can also opt to participate in the bank’s TravelAwards Plus program. For every purchase you make, you’ll earn points towards both Visa Rewards and TravelAwards Plus. You’ll have access to the TravelAwards Online Mall and will earn bonus points for making purchases there. You can redeem points for anything from ringtones to gift certificates, but there is a minimum amount of points you must spend when you do redeem.

Applying for the American Savings Bank Credit Card

After reviewing the American Savings Bank credit card and comparing it with other offers, especially in regard to the rewards programs attached to this card, it doesn’t rate very high. American Savings Bank is only located in Hawaii, so if you live on the mainland, it won’t do you much good opening a credit card with this bank unless you apply online of course.

Even if you do live in Hawaii, you’re probably better off opening a card with a national bank that offers better rewards. American Savings Bank isn’t really offering anything that other national banks aren’t. And for flexibility’s sake, you’re probably better off opening an account with one American Savings Banks’ competitors.

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