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American Savings Bank FSB Business VisaA credit card is a very valuable tool for any business and this Visa is no different. This credit card also lets the business owner earn special travel rewards that can benefit the business in the long run. This is a great credit card for someone that owns a business that requires a lot of travel.

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American Savings Bank Business Visa Annual Percentage Rate

This credit card has a fixed annual percentage rate of 16.25%. The annual percentage rate of a credit card determines how much the cardholder with have to pay in interest when their previous month’s balance has not been paid in full. The annual percentage rate for cash advances with this credit card in 18 percent.

While these annual percentage rates are not very high compared to other types of credit cards, especially store credit cards, the interest could add up quickly if the cardholder does not usually pay off their full balance each month. Interest charges can make getting out of credit card debt very difficult. It is very important to try to pay more than the minimum amount due each month as a way to work against the interest charges.

American Savings Bank Business Visa Fees

There is an annual fee of $50 for this credit card. The transaction fees for balance transfers and cash advances are both 3% with a minimum fee of $5.00. The foreign transaction fee for this credit card is a bit lower at 2% with no minimum amount.

The late payment fee ranges from $20 to $40 depending on the outstanding balance. The return payment fee is $18.

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