Anheuser Busch Employees’ Credit Union Preferred Platinum Visa

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Anheuser Busch Employees' Credit Union Preferred Platinum VisaThe Anheuser Bush Company has been in existence for more than 100 years, and employs people in both the US and abroad. The Anheuser Bush Employees’ Credit Union (ABECU) benefits both past and present employees of the Anheuser Bush Company as well as their families. Several personal credit cards, including the ABECU Preferred Platinum Visa, can be secured by credit union members provided that they are able to meet the minimum credit requirements.

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Despite the fact that the ABECU is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, this organization has given the credit union an A+ rating. In order to be approved for a line of credit with the ABECU, you must be an active member.

ABECU Preferred Platinum Visa Interest Rates and Fees

Although the ABECU does not specify its credit requirements to applicants, the company does boldly advertise low interest rates. The ABECU Preferred Platinum Visa has interest rates that range from 6.9% to 14.9% APR. Late fees are accessed once an account is delinquent for four or more days, after which a $15 late fee can be applied.

When the ABECU Preferred Platinum Visa is used outside of the United States, all charges made are compounded at 1% interest. Each month, the minimum interest charge is $0.50, even if no additional purchases or charges are made.

ABECU Preferred Platinum Visa Details

Cardholders can customize their ABECU Preferred Platinum Visa credit cards with any image that they choose, but they will be charged $5 for the privilege. There are no bonus points or rewards that can be earned with the ABECU Preferred Platinum Visa; however, this financial institution does offer other rewards credit cards.

Each billing cycle lasts for 25 days, and account holders are given four grace days in which to dispute or pay for the previous month’s charges. Applications for these instant approval credit cards are accepted both online and at ABECU branches.

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