Animal Rescue Inc Visa Card (Pennsylvania)

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Animal Rescue Inc Visa Card (Pennsylvania)While the idea of an Animal Rescue Inc Visa card may sound appealing, it is unfortunate that such a card does not exist. A visit to the Animal Rescue website,, reveals that they do not have a relationship with any credit card company for a supporting credit card.

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Animal Rescue Inc was founded in 1976 and is an organization with a focus on cats, although they rescue dogs as well. The organization accepts donations via credit card that are used to pay for spay or neutering pets as well as buying medicines, food and more for the animals that they rescue.

Animal Rescue Inc Visa Card – Credit Card Alternatives

Despite the fact that Animal Rescue Inc does not have a credit card associated with their organization, there are plenty of credit cards that do support other animal rescue facilities. While you can continue to support the Pennsylvania Animal Rescue with donations, you can help on a larger scale by getting one of these affinity credit cards.

Here are some alternatives:

  • Sound Pet Animal Rescue Credit Card
  • Animal Friends Visa Platinum Rewards Card
  • Pet Rescue by Judy Platinum Visa Rewards Card
  • Big Cat Rescue Visa Platinum Card

You may even found some local animal rescue facilities that have partnered with a credit card company to provide additional support for their animals.

Animal Rescue Inc Visa Card – Choosing the Right Card

One of the first things that you will want to consider if you want your card to support an animal rescue center is how much of a donation is the credit card company willing to make. In some cases, they offer a onetime donation when you activate your card, in other cases; they will donate money every time you use your card.

You will still want to get the lowest interest rates on your card as well as the best rewards program, if one is available. Sometimes affinity cards do not offer rewards programs, but you will find a few that do.

Animal Rescue Inc Visa Card – The Bottom Line

As this card does not exist, there is not much to say about it. The good news is that there are other alternatives for you to consider.

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