Armed Forces Bank Credit Card

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Armed Forces Bank Credit CardWhat is the best Armed Forces Bank credit card offer? Should you apply for an Armed Forces Bank credit card? Read this review of the Armed Forces Bank credit cards and then decide for yourself.

America owes a great debt to the men and women of its armed forces. Fortunately, there is a bank that is committed to specifically serving those who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces. Established in 1907, Armed Forces Bank is owned and operated by Dickinson Financial Corporation, as is Armed Forces Bank of California, which is located in San Diego, CA, and Academy Bank, which has several branches throughout Colorado.

The bank offers 24-hour customer support, seven days a week. They also run several full-service branches on the Main Exchange at several military installations. These branches operate during Exchange hours. And they also offer a Visa credit card. Use our free credit card finder to compare cards now!

The Visa Discount Program

The card has a basic Visa discount program. You can use your Visa at nearly a hundred different retailers and get a special discount or free shipping. There are no rewards for making purchases for your Armed Forces Bank Visa Credit Card. However, you can still save on purchases from these retailers, including clothing stores, restaurants, travel, and entertainment. The Visa discount program offers discounts from a wide range of retailers, many of which also have websites for online purchases, in case you’re at a remote location that isn’t near the store you’re looking for.

Oh, What a Rate!

There is no rewards program, but what makes the Armed Forces Bank Visa Credit Card such an attractive offer is the interest rates. Depending on your credit, you could get an APR of as low as 9.99%. Even if your credit isn’t the best, the highest your APR will be is 15.6% or 17.99%. This is an excellent APR, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better rate from any other bank. This card offers worldwide access, 24-hour emergency cash, a 25-day grace period on purchases, additional cards on the account at no extra charge, and free travel insurance.

Armed Forces Bank Credit Card Rewards

If you’re looking for a rewards credit card with a great rewards program, then keep on looking: this card doesn’t have a rewards program; just a discount program. But there are more important things in life than a good rewards program, and an excellent interest rate is certainly one of those more important things.

The interest rate offered by Armed Forces Bank is on par with the best rates available from any bank, and that alone makes it worth looking into this credit card. Of course, if you don’t plan to keep a balance on your card, it won’t matter so much, but people in the United States Armed Forces know that you can never be too careful, and you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

Use our free credit card finder to compare cards now!

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