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Arvest Bank Credit CardRead this Arvest Bank credit card review before you decide to submit an Arvest Bank credit card application. The story of Arvest Bank begins in 1961, when Jim Walton, son of entrepreneur extraordinaire Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, and his mother purchased a bank in Bentonville, Arkansas. This was followed by a rapid succession of small banks in Arkansas, each of which continued to be locally managed, and most of which are still a part of the Arvest network to this day.

Arvest prides itself in offering a unique, customer-focused approach to banking, which bears many similarities to the philosophy behind Wal-Mart. Arvest branches are typically open twelve hours a day, as opposed to the typical nine, and have an extensive network of branches in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Read through this Arvest Bank credit card review and then use the free credit card finding tool to find and compare credit cards today!

Different Types of Arvest Credit Cards

Arvest offers four different credit cards: Visa Classic, MasterCard Classic, Visa Gold, and Visa Platinum. Arvest is kind enough to tell you on their website that you need to have an annual income of at least $12,000 per year to qualify for the Classic cards, in addition to credit considerations. You need $40,000 to qualify for Gold and $50,000 to qualify for Platinum. As you escalate to Gold and then to Platinum, credit limits go up and APR comes down. Other features of the card include:

  • Twenty-five-day grace period on all purchases
  • $200,000 in Travel Accident Insurance ($300,000 for Gold and Platinum cards)
  • No annual fee

Arvest Bank Credit Card Rewards

For $24.95 a year, you can also participate in Arvest Rewards. You need a minimum of 5,000 points in order to redeem points. The more points you have, the bigger your reward-to-points ratio. You can redeem your points for cash, travel, or gift certificates from a variety of fine retailers.

Is the Arvest Bank Credit Card Offer Worth It?

But as to whether or not this is the best credit card for you, it’s a matter of whether or not you live in the Arkansas or Oklahoma areas and have an existing account with Arvest. If you don’t, you’re probably better off getting an account with a nationwide bank. Quite frankly, the rewards program isn’t the best that has ever been put together. It’s one of the better programs that regional banks offer, but if you’re not in that region, then it’s no good to you. Use our free tool for comparing credit cards today!

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    As a former Marketing Officer for Arvest Bank for 7 years, let me clear some minor details up. Jim Walton did not purchase Bank of Bentonville with his mother. Same Walton was offered ownership of the bank back in 1961 because as an owner of the bank he was then able to borrow large amounts of money, which allowed him to expand his Wal-Mart stores, and we all know how successful that became. Although the rewards program does charge an annual fee, it does something other reward programs do not do, which is it combines the use of your credit AND your debit card, allowing you to gain reward points at a much faster rate. Some other benefits are that customers can pay their credit card bill online and at brick and mortar bank branches, and receive customer service via the phone to actual people located at a call center in Oklahoma…NOT India.

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