Asiana Airlines Credit Card

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Asiana Airlines Credit CardRead through this Asiana Airlines credit card review to decide if you should apply online for the Bank of America Asiana Airlines credit card offer.

There are many people who need to travel to Asia for business purposes. One of the most popular airlines that fly to Asia is Asiana Airlines, which is part of the Star Alliance group of airlines, the world’s first and largest airline alliance. Asiana is now offering a Visa credit card in collaboration with Bank of America, which offers frequent flyers even more incentive to travel with Asiana Airlines.

But whether or not this credit card is a good investment depends on how frequently you travel, as well as how frequently you make credit card purchases. In order to make an informed decision about whether or not this credit card is for you, you must know some key details about the Asiana Visa Platinum Credit Card.

Asiana Airlines Credit Card Offer Details

The most important details of any credit card account are the financial details. The Asiana Visa Platinum Credit Card offers a decent annual percentage rate, or APR.

  • $80 annual fee
  • 14.24% variable APR on all purchases
  • 24.24% variable APR on all cash advances
  • 25-day grace period
  • 4% fee on all balance transfers, wire transfers, or cash advances, with a minimum of $10
  • 3% fee on all overdraft protection transfers, with a minimum of $10
  • 3% fee on all foreign transactions
  • Late payment fees are $15 if your account has a balance of$100 or less, $29 if your balance is less than $250, and $39 if it’s more than $250
  • Bounced checks or returned payments carry a $35 fee

Asiana Credit Card Rewards

And now for the fun part: the rewards. The Asiana Visa Platinum Credit Card is one of the few cards that offer double points on purchases from the airline. Every dollar you spend on the card earns you one mile, unless you make a purchase from Asiana Airlines. These purchases are worth two miles. And this card offers a lot of bonus points, too. Here are a few of the great rewards features that this card offers.

  • 1 mile for every dollar you spend on the card
  • 2 miles for every dollar you spend on the card at Asiana Airlines
  • 5,000 bonus miles when you make your first purchase with the card
  • Automatic $100 rebate on Asiana Airlines ticket purchases
  • You can start redeeming your rewards at 10,000 miles
  • You can also redeem for upgrades on other airlines in the Star Alliance

Asiana Airlines Credit Card Offer

The Asiana Airlines credit card is a pretty well-rounded offer. The interest rate is decent, and the rewards are solid. If you travel to Asia often, this is a great card to have. You can earn rewards while simply continuing to travel as you always have. It’s an interesting offer, and it’s highly recommended that you consider it although you should of course first compare all other travel credit cards and airline credit cards. But make sure that your credit is pretty good; this card can be difficult to qualify for because it offers so much to the cardholder. Get started comparing credit cards today!

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