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Aspire Credit Cards are Visa cards intended for people struggling with a less than perfect credit score. Operated by Columbus Bank and Trust Company in conjunction with CompuCredit, Aspire credit cards carry high fees.

Currently under several lawsuits, the Aspire Credit Card Company has recently closed many of its accounts and is rumored to be going out of business. After reading this Aspire credit card review, be certain to take advantage of the credit chaser tool above.

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Columbus Bank and Trust Company

Columbus Bank and Trust Company was incorporated in 1888 as Columbus Savings Bank. It changed its name to Columbus Bank and Trust Company in 1890 and retained its new name in 1930 when it merged with Third National Bank. Foresight in consumer trends caused Columbus Bank and Trust Company to offer the CB&T charge card as early as 1959, before BankAmerica or MasterCharge became national.

At that time about 3,000 merchants within a 40 mile radius around Columbus were accepting the CB&T cards, and by 1975 The Total System® bank card processing system was offered to banks in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Washington. From there, growth was dramatic and a new and separate company called Total System Services, Inc. emerged and went public. TSYS is still in existence today.

Headquartered with locations throughout Georgia, customers can also bank through Columbus Bank and Trust Company’s affiliation with Synovus. Free ATM access and check cashing privileges are always available, and deposits and loan payments can be made at Synovus locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Although ATM’s (Automatic Teller Machines) are now commonplace, it is interesting to note that Columbus Bank and Trust Company initially implemented neighborhood Constant Bankers back in 1972. Columbus Bank and Trust Company seems to stays true to its origins of anticipating and meeting its customers’ needs. Progressively, they implemented OnLine Access in 1999 for bill pay, fund transfers, and account balances. They began to offer VISA Money, CB&T Bill Payer, online access for business accounts, American Express Travelers Cheques and Gift Cheques. For credit cards, customers are able to access their statements online with CardView. Some cards also offer Purchase Perks which is a rewards program for credit card members.


CompuCredit is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and was founded with the sole purpose of giving credit access to Americans suffering with poor credit or no credit. With offices in Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Utah, and Nevada, CompuCredit runs a variety of credit card plans nationwide. In addition to making it possible to get credit, CompuCredit reports your payment history to three major credit agencies so that you can start to build your credit and boost your credit score. They also offer a Financial Wellness Program to educate members on household budgets and finances in general. The philanthropy of CompuCredit includes financial literacy, economic and community development, youth education, and health and wellness.

Obtaining Credit Cards with Poor Credit

With a credit score range of 300 to 850, 650 is often the magic number for deciding one’s credit worthiness. People whose number falls below 650 oftentimes have a hard time getting approved for a credit card. This does not mean that you cannot get a card, however. Many banks offer cards specifically geared for people in this category.

There are certainly bad credit credit cards available but unfortunately, if you are considered a credit risk, these less than perfect credit cards often come with a price. There are usually activation fees, monthly use fees, and sometimes even per transaction fees and online access fees. If you need a credit card and your score is lower than 650, review your options to determine the least expensive card. Make sure you get a card that reports good payment history to the three major credit reporting companies, and also make sure your credit limit is reported. Otherwise your scoring can be skewed by using your balance instead of your limit.

It is important to use your credit card to increase your credit rating since good credit is required for so many typical basic life needs. Good credit is not just needed for buying a home or a car; it can also impact your employment opportunities. A number of factors impact your credit rating, including previous payment history, the amount of money you currently owe, how long you have had outstanding balances, the type of credit you use, how much credit you have, and how much credit you are using. Even excessive file inquiries can impact your score, although home and auto purchase inquiries will drop off your report rather quickly.

Finding Aspire Credit Card Offers

An Aspire credit card is not the best choice for everyone as each person has different credit needs and personal specifics.

If you are one of the 15%, or 160 million, Americans with a score below 600, you are encouraged to responsibly take hold of your credit and increase your rating as soon as possible. Once you obtain a credit card, be sure to make timely regular payments and monitor your score to verify proper credit reporting.

Start shopping for a no fee or low fee credit card today by using our free credit card “chaser” to compare credit cards from many different companies. Take that first step now and have better credit sooner than you think. Get started comparing the best credit cards now!

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