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AT&T Credit CardThis AT&T credit card review will help you to decide if an AT&T credit card offer is best for you.

AT&T is the largest provider of local and long distance telephone services in the United States. They also provide other media services, such as internet and digital television. It’s also the second-largest provider of wireless services in the United States. With all of these accomplishments and services under its belt, it was only a matter of time before it decided to begin offering a credit card.

Issued through Citibank, the AT&T Universal Savings Cards offer competitive interest rates and discounts on AT&T services such as local and long-distance telephone, internet access, digital television, and wireless services. Here are a few facts about the AT&T credit card offers.

AT&T Universal Savings Platinum & Universal Savings Rewards Cards

AT&T offers two different types of cards: the Universal Savings Platinum Card and the Universal Savings Rewards Card. The major difference between the two is that the Rewards Card also gives you the opportunity to earn points towards rewards on your purchases. As far as the financials are concerned, there are a few minor differences.

The AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card offers:

  • No annual fee
  • 20-day grace period
  • 11.49%, 15.49%, or 19.49% APR, depending on your credit rating
  • 25.24% APR on cash advances
  • 29.99% APR if you default (make a late payment, go over your credit limit, or have a payment returned unpaid)
  • 3% fee on balance transfers and cash advances, with a minimum of $5
  • 3% fee on foreign transactions
  • Late fees are $15 on balances $100 and under, $29 on balances under $250, and $39 on balances over $250
  • Overlimit fees are $39

The AT&T Universal Savings Rewards Card is the same as the AT&T Platinum Card, except that the APR’s are 12.49%, 16.49%, or 20.49% APR, once again, depending on your credit rating.

AT&T Credit Card Perks

Both ATT credit cards offer the same discount on AT&T products and services. For every dollar you spend on eligible AT&T products and services that matches the amount you spend on other purchases, you will receive a percentage off of your AT&T products and services. That percentage is 10% for the first twelve months and 5% thereafter.

So, for example, if you spend $100 on AT&T services and you also spend at least $100 elsewhere, then you will get $10 off of your AT&T charges that month ($5 if it’s past the first twelve months). However, if you only spend $80 in non-AT&T purchases, you will only get $8 off of your AT&T charges for that month.

In addition to the service discount, the Rewards Card also offers rewards through the Citibank “Thank You” Rewards Network. You will earn one point for every dollar you spend on non-AT&T purchases, and you can redeem those points for anything from electronics to gift cards to travel vouchers. The “Thank You” Rewards Network is pretty impressive, boasting hundreds of participating retailers, many of which offer discounts and special deals to cardholders.

Should You Apply for an AT&T Credit Card?

An AT&T credit card is a solid option if you’re already an AT&T customer and you’re in the market for a credit card. But if you don’t currently use any of AT&T’s services, you should definitely do a cost-benefit analysis before making the big switch. You don’t want to switch over to AT&T only to discover that you could have gotten a similar deal through your existing carrier. Be sure that you use our free credit card finder to start comparing credit cards now!

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