Avon Platinum Visa Credit Card

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Avon Credit CardShould you apply for the Avon Visa credit card offer? The very name of “Avon” calls to mind images of immaculately clad ladies going door to door, peddling their fashionable wares. But this image of the “Avon lady” is changing. Many of them sell through websites, now. An increasing number of Avon “ladies” are now actually men.

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And you no longer need to pay them in cash or check. They can accept credit cards and gift certificates. At one point, they were offering a credit card in conjunction with Chase Bank USA, NA, with which cardholders could earn 1% of their purchases back in the form of Avon rewards vouchers.

While the Avon credit card is no longer available there are many other rewards credit cards that can earn you rewards and cash back while shopping for Avon products (and all other products for that matter). Use our free credit card finder to do a thorough comparison today!

Avon Credit Card Discontinued

Unfortunately, it appears that Chase and Avon have decided to stop offering the card. While there is no formal announcement available online, all opportunities to apply for the card have been shut down, and there is no longer any information on either Chase’s website or Avon’s website in regard to the Avon Platinum Visa Rewards Card.

Due to the downturn in the economy, many banks have found it necessary to pare down their credit card offerings.

Businesses have been feeling the pinch, as well. Many of them are finding that it is no longer in their best interest to collaborate on a credit card in a world where many people are defaulting on their debts and declaring bankruptcy.

An Alternative to Avon’s Credit Card Offer

Fortunately, there are alternatives available. There are plenty of other credit cards that are still being offered that offer decent rewards at a decent interest rate. If your credit is good, then you’re in a particularly good situation, since banks are clamoring for the business of people with reliable credit histories.

If you really want that Avon discount, you can still open a credit card that offers cash back rewards like the Discover More Card or the Chase Freedom Card. Then, when you redeem your points for cash, you can use that cash towards an Avon purchase. We live in a world of options, and you still have many doors open to you to get what you want.

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