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Banamex USA VisaBanamex USA is a subsidiary of CitiBank that originally only had branches open in Mexico. This bank has many credit card options open to their customers including a Visa credit card.

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More about the Banamex USAVisa

A basic Visa credit card as the one offered by Banamex USA is a great first credit card. For someone just staring down the credit road it is important to have a card with a lower limit and reasonable annual percentage rate. The interest rate the cardholder will have to pay is determined by their credit score. As their credit score goes up the cardholder can negotiate a lower interest rate with the card provider.

A credit card is a very useful tool to have in case of an emergency purchase that was not budgeted for. Also, since most people prefer to shop and pay their bills online these days a credit card is often necessary.

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The Benefits of the Banamex USA Visa

This type of credit card also comes with certain programs that protect the cardholder. All Visa credit cards protect the cardholder if their card is stolen by not holding them liable for any purchases made with the stolen card. This means that if their card is stolen and used their money will be refunded and their available credit line will return to its previous amount.

This card also gives the cardholder access to a card service line 24 hours a day. The cardholder can call anytime to discuss any questions or concerns they have about their card.

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