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BancorpSouth Credit CardsRead this BancorpSouth Credit Card review to decide if you should apply online for a BancorpSouth Credit Card offer. BancorpSouth is a financial institution based in Mississippi. The bank offers three different types of credit cards and two different rewards programs with a large variety of program affiliates. In this BancorpSouth Credit Card review, we will look at the rates for BancorpSouth’s credit cards as well as the rewards programs that the cards offer. Hopefully, this will help you to decide which, if any, of BancorpSouth’s credit cards is right for you and then be sure and use our free credit card comparison tool today!

BancorpSouth’s Credit Cards – Three Types

To start off our BancorpSouth Credit Card review, let’s look at the three different types of credit cards that BancorpSouth offers. They offer a Platinum MasterCard, a Platinum Visa, and a Student Visa. The MasterCard and Visa have excellent annual percentage rates, or APRs: 7.65% + Prime (the prime rate is 3.25% as of the date of this article). The APR for cash advances is slightly higher, but still competitive at a rate of 13.65% + Prime. The student Visa is 13.65% + Prime for purchases and 19.65% + Prime for cash advances. None of BancorpSouth’s credit cards have annual fees. As far as rates are concerned, BancorpSouth’s credit cards are quite competitive.

BancorpSouth’s Credit Card Rewards

Next in our BancorpSouth Credit Card review, let’s take a look at the rewards programs. The Student Visa is not eligible for the rewards programs. But both of the Platinum accounts are eligible. BancorpSouth offers rewards for debit cards as well, which is a wonderful perk for customers who have existing checking accounts with BancorpSouth. You earn one point for every dollar you spend, and you get rebates when you use your card when making purchases from rewards affiliates. The rebates range from standard (1%) to excellent (20%). Compared to many other rewards programs available, BancorpSouth’s is one of the best, depending on how often you shop within their affiliate network.

A Solid Choice

BancorpSouth’s rates are competitive and its rewards program is among the best. The Student Visa is also a good way to build credit, even though it isn’t eligible for the rewards program. The only big problem with BancorpSouth’s credit cards is that they’re only available to residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. If you don’t live in one of those nine states, then you’re out of luck. But, to conclude our BancorpSouth Credit Card review, if you do live in one of these states and are in the market for a credit card with great rates and rewards, then you might want to apply for their Platinum MasterCard or Platinum Visa. Get started comparing credit cards now!

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