Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard Review

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Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard ReviewThis review is for the Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard. This is not a credit card, but rather a prepaid card that can allow you to rebuild or establish credit without having to worry about being approved for a credit card. The Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard approves all applications.

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In addition to the guaranteed approval, there is no credit check and no proof of employment required in order to qualify for the Bank Freedom card. If you have had recent or past credit problems, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession and more, you can still obtain the Bank Freedom Card.

Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard Benefits

Unlike many prepaid cards, the Bank Freedom card does not charge a fee for issuing the card to you and there is no monthly fee if you have direct deposit set up.

Direct deposit can include a government check, including unemployment, a paycheck, or social security. Additionally, you can set up transfers between your bank account and the card for no additional charge.

The Bank Freedom card can be used anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed, and offers a complete fraud protection program, where you will not be held liable for unauthorized purchases made after your Bank Freedom card was lost or stolen.

Bank Freedom also offers an online bill payment service, and you can receive balance and transaction information by email or SMS text at any time with a mobile phone.

Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard Details

In addition to no issuance fee and no monthly fee with qualifying direct deposit, the Bank Freedom card does not charge any fees for making purchases.

There is also no cost to access Bank Freedom customer service, and never any late fees, interest charges or non-sufficient fund charges. Bank Freedom also allows you to pay almost any bill using the card online.

Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard Bottom Line

There are many prepaid cards available today, so it is important to look at all the fees associated with each. The Bank Freedom card does not charge any fees to activate or use the card, so it can be an excellent choice for someone looking to improve their credit score.

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