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Bank of Akron Visa BusinessThe Bank of Akron offers many great banking services for individuals and people with more business related needs. One of these services includes credit cards. There are four credit cards available through the Bank of Akron.

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The Bank of Akron Visa Business Card

The Visa Business card available through the Bank of Akron is a great credit choice for business owners. Sometimes unexpected expenses come up when running a business and not always when there is enough cash on hand to handle them. This is why business owners like to have business-specific credit cards available to handle these unplanned for expenses.

The Visa Business card offers large credit lines to business owners with good credit at a fair interest rate. The annual percentage rate for purchases and cash advances is 12.90 %. There is no annual fee associated with this credit card and no fee if the cardholder goes over their credit limit as long as the overage amount is paid back within a reasonable amount of time.

The Other Bank of Akron Credit Cards

There are three other credit cards available through the Bank of Akron. These three credit cards are a Master Card, Master Card Gold, and a Visa credit card. It is easy to apply for these credit cards, just go to your local Bank of Akron branch, and fill out an application.

The Bank of Akron Master Card offers an annual percentage rate of 14.50% and no annual fee. The Master Card Gold has a 12.90 % annual percentage rate and no annual fee. The Bank of Akron Visa has no annual fee and an annual percentage rate of 14.50%. All three of these credit cards offer credit limits based on the cardholder’s credit score.

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