Bank of America Choice Privileges Visa

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Read through this review of the Bank of America Choice Privileges Credit Card offer and then decide if this is the best hotel credit card for you.

Bank of America Choice Privileges Visa Credit Card

Choice Hotels is a hospitality holding corporation that manages many different hotel brands, including Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Clarion Hotels, Econo Lodge, and Rodeway Inn. There has been a rising trend over the last decade or so to offer credit cards with rewards programs for people who stay frequently at specific hotels.

Choice Hotels attempted to join the trend by offering a credit card to consumers in conjunction with Bank of America, the United States’ largest banking institution. The result was the Bank of America Choice Privileges Visa Credit Card. With it, customers could make purchases and earn points towards credit at Choice Hotels, among other rewards.

Choice Privileges Visa Card Discontinued

But the recent recession has made a mark on every industry, and neither hospitality corporations nor the banks were able to escape unscathed. As a result of the economic downturn, it appears as though the Bank of America Choice Privileges Visa is no longer being offered. The reasons for this change could arise from a variety of factors: perhaps Choice Hotels was not seeing enough of an increase in business to justify offering rewards to frequent visitors.

Perhaps Bank of America was not seeing enough activity in these accounts to turn a profit from them. Perhaps it simply wasn’t a popular card.

There’s a Workaround

In any case, there are options for those who want rewards from a credit card that they can use towards their next stay at the Comfort Inn. There are plenty of other hotel credit cards and travel credit cards that offer rewards. They may not offer credit cards directly in conjunction with Choice Hotels, but many of them will still offer cash back on purchases, which you can always use towards your next stay at a Choice Hotel. You can also try to see if there are credit card rewards programs that offer discounts with Choice Hotels, and possibly even gift cards.

The Choice Privileges Program is Still Alive

boa choice privileges visaAnd if you’re a frequent visitor of Choice Hotels, you can still participate in their Choice Privileges program. Instead of being offered as a rewards program with a credit card, it’s now simply a customer loyalty program.

All members enjoy free high-speed internet access (unless you’re staying at a Rodeway Inn) and long-distance telephone access. You can also enjoy express check-in and check-out, as well as an extended check-out time.

Elite members also enjoy special member privileges and rewards. All things considered, you can still enhance your Choice Hotel experience. Perhaps you’re better off joining Choice Privileges and saving your cash back rewards with another card to stay at a Choice Hotel.

BOA Choice Privileges Visa Card Alternatives

Some of the very best travel credit card offers and reward credit card offers include the Discover More Credit Card, the Chase Freedom Credit Card, and the American Express Costco True Earnings Card. Of course, those are just a few of the hundreds of different cards that are available.

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