Bank of America Credit Cards

Bank of America credit cards offer a large variety of options to match your specific needs. Ranging from credit cards that will help you improve your credit, to cards that will donate money to charities every time you make a purchase.

Is a Bank of America credit card is right for you? The following information will help you find the card that fits who you are and what you need, or it may help you decide to look elsewhere for your ideal solution.

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Bank of America Rewards Cards

Bank of America offers credit cards that attach rewards to usage. These rewards offer items that will help to make your way of life more enjoyable. You can earn miles towards future flights, free stays in major hotels, and even deals on certain cruises. Some stipulations with these cards are that they do have a 3% fee per transaction for all balance transfers and direct deposits.

Bank of America Secured Cards

Another card that may interest you at Bank of America is a card that will help improve your credit with a secured credit card. This will appeal to you if you have not had good luck keeping your credit score up to standards. A bad credit score will hinder your chances of receiving future loans or applying for future credit cards.

Here is how it works. To get a secured credit card you deposit a specific amount of money that determines your credit line. You can start as low as $300 or deposit as much as $10,000. Then you can make purchases up to the amount of money you have in this account.

As of the writing of this review this card has a 4% fee for any balance transfers. Paying the minimum payment before it is due each month will enable you to build your credit score as well as apply for future unsecured credit cards.

Bank of America Cash Back Credit Cards

A BOA cash back credit card is another option you have. This card will allow you to earn actual cash with every purchase you make with this card. The cash can be used to add credit to your statement, pay down your Bank of America mortgage, or just get the cash in the form of a check or direct deposit. There is more than one of these cards offered so the type of cash back savings you will receive depends on the card that you select. None of the cards have an annual fee.

Bank of America Student Credit Cards

Students also have benefits when they choose a Bank of America credit card. Pick a card that supports your school and every time you make a purchase, you are not only building your credit, you are making a donation to the alumni association of your choice. This card also offers the Student Identity Theft Protection Program free for four years. This program allows your card to be monitored everyday. You will receive text messages or emails if there is an abnormal change to your charges. As you are building your future with your schooling, this card is building your past with a good credit history.

Bank of America Sports Credit Cards

Sports fans have credit card options also. Whether you are a baseball, golf, football, motorcycle, or NASCAR fanatic, this card will help you earn points and even cash for your favorite event. Items from memorabilia of your favorite team/player, to tickets and hotel packages for your favorite events are available.

Bank of America Charity Credit Cards

Charities can benefit from your enrollment in one of these credit lines as well. When you make purchases using one of these cards, you can be a part of a greater cause. Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation will have a minimum of $1,950 donated to them by the year 2011 because every time you make a purchase, money is given to this wonderful cause. As of the time this article was written this program has a 3% fee for direct deposits and balance transfers with no annual fee.

Another charity that will benefit from your enrollment with this type of card is the Wildlife Fund. With every purchase you make using this card, a donation is made to help protect the future of nature all over the world. This also has a 3% fee for balance transfers and direct deposits with no annual fee.

Bank of America Credit Card Overdraft Protection

All of the BOA credit cards offer you the ability to use your card as protection from overdraft fees on your checking account, have a total security protection package from fraud and unauthorized use, and the resources for online banking.

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