Bank of Louisiana Credit Cards

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Bank of Louisiana Credit CardFinding the right type of credit card is important, and the best way to do so is through comparing the pros and cons of various cards to see which offer a better set of incentives and fairer rates.

Here, we will take a brief look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Bank of Louisiana credit card, so you can decide whether it could be the card for you.

Should you apply for either the Bank of Louisiana Visa Credit Card or the Bank of Louisiana MasterCard? Read through the Bank of Louisiana credit card review and see.

Bank of Louisiana Card Features

Bank of Louisiana offers accounts for both individuals and businesses, allowing anyone to take advantage of the benefits offered by their credit system. There are a number of different features and services available for each type of account. The personal account provides courtesy checks, at the cost of at least one dollar each up to 2% of the amount of the check. Cash advances are also available at every branch of the Bank of Louisiana, with a minimum of a three dollar fee, up to 4%.

Bank of Louisiana Card for Businesses

The Bank of Louisiana also offers a private label credit card program for businesses. The bank has been in the credit card business for over fifty years – since 1960. Private label credit cards have been shown to carry a number of benefits for businesses, such as having customers buy more merchandise, buy items from a store more often, and make higher priced purchases more regularly. Customers who shop at a store with a private label credit card also tend to be more loyal to that store. Having a private label credit card from the Bank of Louisiana can enhance your business.

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