Bank of the Sierra Credit Card

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Bank of the Sierra Credit CardFinding the best type of credit card can be a difficult process, however there are some ways to make choosing a card a little easier. The best way to do so is through comparing the pros advantages and disadvantages of various cards to see which offer better rewards programs and other incentives.

Here, we will take a brief look at some of the pros and cons of the Bank of the Sierra credit card, so you can decide whether it is the right card for your needs.

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Bank of the Sierra Credit Card Options

There are several different options for Bank of the Sierra credit cards, although the most popular type of card is the Visa Signature card. This credit card provides very competitive rates and an enhanced rewards system, as well as Visa Signature membership and the rewards that come with it at no annual fee.

One of the outstanding features of this card that makes it unique is the fact that cardholders get access to an exclusive rewards system without any annual fees. There is also unlimited 1% cash back on the card, allowing you to take back a little of what you spend on purchases. Cardholders can also redeem rewards for travel on any airline, without the restrictions of a frequent flier program.

There is no preset spending limit, meaning that account spending limits are determined based on account history, credit record, and payment resources.

Bank of the Sierra Visa Signature Cards

The exclusive benefits of the Visa Signature rewards program provides cardholders with one point for every dollar they spend using the card. A roundtrip airline ticket is available for redemption at twenty-five thousand points.

There are also a number of other travel, merchandise, and gift certificate rewards that can be claimed. You can even choose your own rewards by redeeming rewards points on card purchases. The Visa Signature program also provides unique benefits that cannot be obtained with any other card.

Special offers include 0.0% APR (annual percentage rate) on the first six billing cycles on purchases, and 0.0% APR on the first six billing cycles on balance transfers.

Bank of the Sierra Credit Card Features

Those that choose the Visa Signature card also receive 2,500 first-use bonus points. These points can be turned in for a twenty-five dollar statement credit. Purchase APR typically ranges between ten percent and twenty-one percent. There is no annual fee.

Those that do not qualify for the Visa Signature card will be taken into consideration for the Bank of the Sierra Select Rewards Platinum card. The Sierra Select Rewards Platinum card lacks some of the exclusive benefits of the Visa Signature card, but retains the bonus points, the 1% unlimited cash back, the 0.0% APR for the introductory six-month period, and no annual fee.

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