BankAmericard Basic Visa Card

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BankAmericard Basic Visa CardRead this BankAmericard Basic Visa credit card offer review to see if this is the right card for you. Finding the right credit card is often a long process, and it can take time to track down the card that provides the best rates or rewards for you.

Comparing the various types of benefits that different cards offer is a great way to quickly and easily figure out which type of credit card you need, and here we’ll take a brief look at some of the characteristics of the BankAmericard Basic Credit Card, so you can compare it to other cards and see if it works for you.

BankAmericard Basic Card

The BankAmericard Basic Credit Card is provided by Bank of America, which is a nationwide bank with branches in every state. Its basic card is a very straightforward type of credit card, and is perfect for those who are looking for a card without all the extra bells and whistles. The BankAmericard Basic Credit Card provides a single rate regardless of how it is used. The standard APR is 17.25%, although this is variable and may change. There is no annual fee, and the cost of balance transfers is 4% of each transaction, with a minimum of ten dollars.

BankAmericard Visa Card Features

The reason this card is chosen is that it offers a single rate for balance transfers, purchases, and cash. The rate will not increase unless the Prime Rate increases, and there is no annual fee. There are no rewards programs or other promotions to worry about, making this ideal for someone who just wants to get the job done. The card does feature a number of extra services, such as automatic car rental insurance, extended warranty coverage, and replacement coverage on purchases that get stolen or damaged or lost within ninety days of the purchase date.

There is also the option to have statements come paperless, and additional cards can be requested for no charge. Cardholders also receive access to the Add It Up program. The BankAmericard Basic Credit Card, like all Bank of America credit cards, has Total Security Protection to help prevent fraud, and unauthorized uses of your card. There is also free online access to Bank of America’s electronic banking service, which helps make banking easier and more convenient. There is also, as with all other cards, the option to have statements e-mailed to you electronically.

The Bottom Line

The BankAmericard Basic Credit Card is an easy to use card that provides baseline credit card functions. If you are looking for a credit card that will offer you simple services without having to put a lot of time or effort into keeping track of rewards programs and other extended services, then the BankAmericard Basic Credit Card is a good choice. be sure to compare all all credit card offers now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “BankAmericard Basic Visa Card”

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    Very disappointed in the interest and late fees on the Bank Of America Visa Card…missed pay and late more than 24 less than 48hrs and was charged over $51 extra on a minimum pay of $23.00 that’s a total payment of $74.00 on a normally $23.00 monthly payment…. with a sum total of less than $1500 total amt. due..
    Late fees are an extension of interest and to have to ;pay more than 25% on monthly payment for a principal amt of approx $1500 seems like usury to me….Quite excessive and gouging for sure…

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