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In bear or bull markets alike, money can be tight. When credit cards all but scream their pleas for new customers, choosing the right credit card can seem a daunting task.

Not only are introductory rates and cash-back bonuses temptations that cause financial drooling, but also are additional perks like purchase discount plans with select merchants, travel discounts with frequent flier miles and other perks tossed into the pot.

Only careful examination of those lures and cardholder agreements might land you on safe credit grounds. Information on the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard is presented here for your consideration.

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Fee or No Fee: That is the Question

One of the first potential misunderstandings that some credit card consumers suffer is confusing the annual-fee version of this card with the no-annual-fee one.

There are two Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercards of the same name.

You must ensure you are applying for the right card to enjoy the no annual fee savings. Otherwise, the $89 addition to a bill would come as an unwelcome and unappreciated surprise.

One way to distinguish one from the other is the color: The annual-fee card is dark grey.

Bonus Cash-Back or Point Accrual Comparison

There is nary a credit card holder who dislikes receiving bonuses for purchasing goods and services. Whether you earn actual money or accrue points for discounts later, the Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard (BAWMC) in either version presents attractive rewards for use.

For comparison, the no-annual-fee (NAF) data is presented per category, followed immediately with its annual-fee-based sibling.

reviewing the barclaycard arrival world mastercardFood Purchases: Many credit cards advertise a food-purchase reward, and the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard card is no different. For every food check paid in participating “sit down” restaurants and fast food places, card users earn two points per dollar spent.

Travel: Like many credit cards of late, travel bonuses are on the menu. Compared to Chase Manhattan’s Sapphire, Ultimate Reward plans, you don’t earn bonus points for air or hotel reservations booked through the program, but you don’t have to spend $500 to start the accrual either.

You do get two points per dollar spent on qualified travel, however, matching the very popular scheme by other credit card issuers.

As a bonus that complements and supplements the Bonus Offers category below, your Barclaycard Arrival World card you get 10 percent of your miles back when you use this card for air fare purchase or hotel reservations.

Other Purchases: In this category, the Barclaycard Arrival with the annual fee takes the lead. It offers two points per dollar spent, giving advantage over Chase Manhattan’s two most popular cards and over the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard – No Annual Fee counterpart. The Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard card offers an award of one bonus point per dollar spent.

Bonus Offers: The Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard – Earn 1x on All Purchases card offers a substantial bulk award of 20,000 bonus points under qualifying conditions. You are gifted those bonus points if you spend a total of $1,000 during the first three months of use.

The annual-fee sister card awards an amazing 40,000 points with the same time/amount qualifications, but this huge bonus award appears to be only an introductory campaign: It’s available only for a limited time.

To be fair, however, the 20,000 points under the no-annual-fee card is also for a limited time.

While Chase Manhattan has the same 40,000-point award on its Sapphire Preferred plan, you must spend $3,000 in those first three months instead of only one-third that amount. That difference alone may turn you aside from Chase Manhattan and toward the Barclaycard offerings.

No interest will be charged, of course, at all if your balance is paid in full each month.

Additional interest-bearing situations are included below.

  1. mastercard barclaycard arrival world cardCash advances incur a higher interest rates than balance transfers and standard rates. For each unremitted cash advance, either in full or in part, you are charged 25.24 percent per annum.
  2. Penalty fees are not gentle with this or any credit card, which is one of the top reasons to avoid incurring them, above. Those penalty rates can reach as high as 27.24 percent on unpaid balances. Your due date should never extend beyond 23 days past the close of the billing cycle. Pay early if you can’t pay on time, and pay in full whenever possible to avoid any interest accrual and maintain a healthy credit score.
  3. Basic transaction fees potentially extend your costs on any credit card. With this Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard, you face a similar structure. Transaction fees are not included in any monthly or annual interest rates that may apply to the balances involved.
  4. For balance transfers, you will be charged the higher amount of $10 or 4 percent of the transferred amount. (During the first twelve billing cycles after account opening, either $10 or 3% of each transfer, whichever is greater).
  5. Cash advance transaction fees incur an initial $10 or 5 percent, whichever amount is higher, before applicable interest is charged.
  6. For travelers, the area of foreign transactions is a good-news area. For each transaction made in US dollars, you incur zero transaction fees, which may differ from other credit card plans, some of which stipulation location of transaction, not the currency involved.

Penalty Fees

There are three primary situations to which a penalty fee may be charged. Late payments and returned payments both incur a $35 penalty fee.

The good news is that if a purchase costs more than your remaining credit line on the card, you are not penalized or denied that purchase.

The over-the-credit-line fee for customers in good standing is $0, which is a third reason to maintain your account in good shape.

Common Additional Conditions

As with a great majority of credit card plans, the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard has “various and sundry” terms and conditions that are probably quite familiar, some of which are outlined below.

Use Agreement: Despite your full comprehension of outlined terms and conditions, if you use the card, you accept those terms and those conditions. Read your cardholder agreement carefully and fully. If you have any questions whatsoever, contact Customer Service for answers prior to you using the card. Later, you cannot decline until you pay the balance completely.

Changing Terms and Conditions: By using your credit card, you agree to abide by not only the then-current terms and conditions but by any that come into effect in the future.

The credit card company or issuing authority must notify you of changes, but how that must be accomplished may not include a special mailing to you. It might be reflected, for instance, on the card’s or issuing authority’s website.

By outlining this stipulation in your user’s agreement, the responsibility to stay informed rests on your shoulders, not the issuing authority’s.

barclaycard world mastercardAlternate Card Issuance: Some issuing authorities may decline your initial application for a card, but in its place, you might be sent a different card under different terms and conditions or qualifications.

The basis for the change of credit plan and issued card can be rooted in a borderline credit history, different income ranges or even extended card benefits for exceeding the applied-for card’s standard.

Be sure you read all the terms and conditions and the new plan’s benefits and detriments before signing and using the different card. Know that you can decline any card prior to use, even if you applied for it.

Offer Conditions: Regardless of other requirements, such as income, employment history and credit ratings, card issuers often require other standards to be met before a card is issued.

For example, you must be at least 18 years of age in the United States or an Emancipated Minor to enter into a legally binding contract. Since your user agreement is a contract between the card issuer and you, you must be of legal age to use the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard.

So is this card for you?

With its strong travel benefits, this no-annual-fee MasterCard may be just the credit instrument for the business person who travels a lot or the vacationer who wants a change of scenery.

The bonus-point package is hard to beat, and those that might will invariably require high spending to qualify.

If you want good benefits, wide-scaled acceptance of a major credit card and an understandable user agreement, the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard may be the next best thing since sliced bread.

If you wish to further compare this card with others, use the FREE credit card chaser tool below now!

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