BayPort Credit Union Visa Business Platinum Card

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BayPort Credit Union Visa Business Platinum CardA credit card can be a very useful tool for a business owner to have. Unfortunately, with all of the other worries and responsibilities that come with running a business it can be hard for the business owner to find the business credit card that fits them best.

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It is important to look at the particulars of any credit card and credit card provider carefully before choosing the one to go with. JD Power compiles a yearly list rating credit cards according to customer satisfaction.

A Short History of the BayPort Credit Union

The BayPort Credit Union was founded in 1928 and offered memberships to shipyard workers and their family members. Today the credit union is open to people that live in select cities and counties in Virginia. There are thirteen BayPort Credit Union branches spread throughout these areas with more than 90,000 members.

The credit union is currently located in eight cities in Virginia. These cities are:

  • Williamsburg
  • Chesapeake
  • Suffolk
  • Gloucester
  • Grafton
  • Smithfield
  • Hampton
  • Newport News

Terms of the BayPort Credit Union Visa Business Platinum Card

This is an excellent credit card option for BayPort Credit Union members that have their own businesses. A business credit card can offer a financial cushion for small businesses that often find it difficult to have enough cash readily available.

This card has no annual fee and an introductory annual percentage rate of zero percent for the first six months of the account. After this initial interest rate period has expired, the cardholder will have an interest rate determined by their credit score. The new interest rate will be between 9.99% and 17.99%.

This card also lets the business owner request additional cards for employees at no additional charge. There is also a free online account for the card that will let the business owner monitor the spending on the card. This type of monitoring can help the owner to make necessary changes to their company’s spending habits.

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