BBOK Visa Classic Credit Card

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BBOK Visa Classic Credit CardThis review is not actually for the Banker’s Bank of Kansas (BBOK) Visa Classic Credit Card because BBOK no longer offers credit cards to individuals. The Banker’s Bank of Kansas does not offer any services to the public. In fact, BBOK does not offer credit cards to businesses either, but does offer credit card merchant services to certain corporations. It also services the credit cards issued by its member banks.

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This review will instead focus on one of BBOK’s member banks, the Kaw Valley State Bank and Trust Company, and the credit card that is offered to customers of the bank.

Kaw Valley State Bank Score Cards Reward Credit Card Details

The rewards card offered by Kaw Valley State Bank allows you to use your card and accumulate points that can be used to get a variety of merchandise, including gift cards and cash back.

There is no annual fee to use the card and no balance transfer fee either. The interest rate charged by the Kaw Valley State Bank is fixed, and you can access you credit account online 24 hours a day.

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Kaw Valley State Bank Score Cards Reward Credit Card Benefits

Some of the benefits that are available with the card include a no charge travel accident insurance, support while travelling abroad and a fraud protection program.

The online account access gives you:

  • Information on recent transactions
  • The ability to pay your bill online
  • Account warnings such as nearing the credit limit
  • The ability to get spending reports at year-end

A final benefit that is offered through the Kaw Valley State Bank credit card program is a proprietary program known as Basic Advantage. This program offers:

  • Discounts at pharmacies and vision centers
  • Automatic car rental insurance
  • Additional travel discounts

Kaw Valley State Bank Score Cards Reward Credit Card Bottom Line

With rewards that can be turned into dozen of prizes, including spa services, tickets to sporting events and top end technology, this card is an excellent choice. You can also get discounts to save money on various health and dental services.

However, this card is best for someone who already has or is willing to start a banking relationship with the Kaw Valley State Bank and Trust Company since it is a local bank.

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