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Benetton Credit CardThis Italian company has worldwide recognition, and anyone who shops their regularly knows a Benetton credit card does not exist. This company has stores around the world including the US and Puerto Rico. Its history dates back a couple of generations with a reputation for quality.

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The United Colors of Benetton is the proper name for this store brand that sells men, women, and children’s clothing. The company also uses global fabrics to make its brand name stand out from the rest. Although the company does not offer a Bennetton credit card, they accept all major credit cards including prepaid and debit credit cards.

Benetton Credit Card Acceptance

Most people who frequently shop at United Colors of Benetton carry major credit cards from American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. These cards are offered in many forms and levels of gold, platinum, and other preferred variations. The company also accepts PayPal, which is one of the most popular ways to make online purchases.

Benetton Credit Card and Clothing Controversy

This company has endured scrutiny over their clothes that contained Radio Frequency ID tags otherwise known as RFID tags. These undetectable microchips were woven into the fabric of their brand named clothing as a way to track its inventory by serial number. Whenever the customer passed a device that triggered the transponder, it reveals the name, credit card number, and serial number of the person wearing it.

This was the company’s answer to the bar code, which did not fare well with CASPIAN, Consumers Against Super Market Privacy Invasion and Numbering. This group presented this concern back in 2003, and there is no obvious update as to how or whether Benetton corrected the problem. Today the controversy over the sale of personal information to third parties marches on.

Benetton Credit Card Fraud Alert

Whenever you find suspicious information on your credit card statements, you are advised to immediately contact your credit card company. Whatever your version of credit card, airline credit cards or any other cards; you could be in danger of becoming a victim of ID theft. Most companies usually close your account under that number and issue another credit card.

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