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Best Western Credit CardThe Best Western Credit Card offers a good rewards program for those who frequently lodge at Best Western hotels, but it may not provide a sufficient level of support for those that only occasionally stay at locations.

If you are a frequent patron of Best Western, continue reading to learn a little about some of the different specifications of the card, as well as how the rewards program works.

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Rewards with Best Western

The Best Western Credit Card does not only provide reward points when cardholders stay at eligible hotels. It also allows cardholders to get credit for any travel expense such as gas, groceries, and even everyday expenses.

Every dollar spent on approved purchases provides cardholders with 1.5 reward points, which is roughly 50% more than is offered by competing hotels. Cardholders are also eligible for a 5,000 reward point bonus when they make their first purchase using the card.

Fifty bonus reward points are available every time the card is used for a cash advance transaction exceeding $50.

Other Best Western Card Features

Best Western Credit Cardholders will also receive twenty-four hour fraud and identity theft protection, allowing them to ensure their card is not accessed or used by unauthorized parties.

Other benefits include online banking and account updating, twenty-four hour customer service access, and cash access to hundreds of thousands of ATMs worldwide.

However, the Best Western Credit Card is only available to Canadian residents that have a Canadian credit file. Cardholders must be a legal adult in their province, and the total household income must exceed $35,000, and is not available for students. Credit history must be free of bankruptcies and serious delinquencies.

Saving with the Best Western Credit Card Offer

The Best Western Credit Card provides a good way for cardholders to save on a number of purchases and can offers some substantial rewards, but being accepted into the program is somewhat difficult. If you are the head of a household that makes a decent income and wants to save on travel expenses for vacations and so on, then the Best Western Credit Card can provide you with a solid way to do so. Use our free credit card finder to compare many different travel credit cards, hotel credit cards, and other credit cards today!

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