BFSFCU Visa Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card

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BFSFCU Visa Platinum Cash Rewards Credit CardFor those with very good credit scores that wish to get a lot more out of their credit cards, rewards credit cards are a great choice. The BFSFCU offers this great Visa Platinum cash back rewards credit card for their members that fit this criterion.

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There are many ways to take full advantage of a cash rewards card. For cardholders that want to know the best ways to use the money they get back through this type of card they can go to websites like for money saving and investment advice.

How a Cash Back Credit Card Works

A cash back credit card is a type of rewards credit card. Unlike a regular rewards card that gives the cardholder one point for every dollar they spend a cash back card gives the cardholder a certain percentage of the money they spend back. It can be looked at as a type of refund.

These refunds are commonly applied directly to the cardholder’s credit statement. This is a great help if there is a high balance on the card because it will reduce the total due and save the cardholder in interest charges.

Some cash back credit cards choose to send a check for the refund to the cardholder instead. Most people try to find this type of card since they can use the refunded money however, they wish, but these cards can be hard to find.

Terms of the BFSFCU Visa Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card

For the first year the credit card account is active the cardholder will be able to enjoy a very low annual percentage rate of 5.9%. After the first year has ended, they will have a fixed interest rate of 10.9%. This is still a very low rate.

This first year’s low interest rate makes a great choice for someone that has a balance on another credit card that has much higher interest. If the cardholder transfers the balance to the new low interest credit card and pays it off before the introductory interest rate expires, they can save hundreds, if not more in interest.

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