blippyIn a recent post about the launch of Blippy.com there was some discussion about the validity of the Blippy.com business model.

It seems that there are no lukewarm feelings about the Blippy service as people either love or hate the credit card transaction sharing concept that drives the Blippy.com business model.

In what could be interpreted as a validation of the Blippy.com service it was recently announced that Blippy is already streaming over $1,000,000 worth of credit card transactions from people that have been using the Blippy private beta service.

While Blippy obviously has a long way to go to cement itself as an online mainstay and provide long term validity to its business model there is no doubt that its founder Philip Kaplan has the right to be encouraged.

What do YOU think? Is Blippy a safe and secure place to share your credit card transactions? Do you have privacy concerns that would prevent you from wanting to link up one of your credit cards to the Blippy service? Do you think that Blippy will catch on and see some long term mainstream success or will Blippy fizzle out as just another web 2.0 fad?

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