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Bloomingdales Credit CardBloomingdales insiders frequently shop with their Bloomingdales credit cards. You are really not a fashion insider if you do not carry the world-renowned Bloomingdales card. This credit card is offered on different levels according to the amount you spend.

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Bloomingdales was founded in 1872 by the Bloomingdale brothers, and established its first American store in New York’s East Side. These brothers were recognized for the different European fashions that stood out from the other stores around them. Bloomingdales is recognized for its fashions for the whole family.

Known by the nickname “Bloomies,” the company introduced the line of many famous fashion designers. The brother’s smart marketing campaigns also made the Bloomingdale shopping bag a collector’s item. To own a Bloomingdale’s credit card to some is a sign of social status and arrival.

Bloomingdales Credit Card Types

Bloomingdales offers a standard store card, which can be used at their department stores and store outlets. Bloomingdales American Express credit card can be used at any retailer and is available on the same levels as the standard card, which are:

  • Premier
  • Premier Plus
  • Ultimate Premier

These cards are financed through the Department Stores National Bank, and they offer Insider incentives to encourage you to shop more often.

Bloomingdales Credit Card Features

Both standard and American Express cards are offered at 24.50% interest rate with up to a $35 penalty for late payments. You have 25 days past the end of the billing date to pay your bill to avoid interest. Free shipping is available for purchases over $150, and your card is eligible for rewards.

Reward credit cards are all the rave among banks who offer them. Bloomingdales Insiders are offered double and triple points, so instead of receiving a 1% for standard cardholders and 3% for Premier, Premier Plus, and Ultimate Premier Cardholders, will receive 6 and 9% in discount savings like cash. Those who hold Bloomingdales American Express credit cards will receive 1% at outside retailers.

Bloomingdales Credit Card Insider Additional Discounts

Other discounts are available to Insiders also, such as 25% off a pair of shoes after you have purchased five at full price. Insider membership days allow Bloomingdales credit card owners to receive extra savings. If you are approved for a Bloomingdales credit card, you will save 15% on your purchases the same day.

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