American Express Blue Credit Card

Blue from American Express® is an eye-catching piece of plastic technology, from the holographic image in the hue that gives the card its name to the host of Internet options making it easy to manage one’s account.

Cardholders’ on-line accounts allow them to view their statements, make payments, access the answers to frequently asked questions, use points they’ve earned through the Blue American Express credit card’s reward program, and much more. The ExpressPay feature gives cardholders the chance to complete transactions with uncommon speed. All these services are offered with no annual fee.

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Catching Your Interest

It seems that the days of low interest rates are over, or are, at the very least, on a long hiatus. Even the well-respected Blue American Express credit card can do no better than a 15.24, 17.24 or 19.24% interest rate, depending on the consumer’s credit rating. A 0% introductory APR is offered for the first six months, but after that it is up to the cardholder to pay each bill in full and on-time if s/he wants to avoid interest charges.

If a late payment is made, or if a payment is returned, the APR skyrockets to 27.24% and will remain at that level until 12 billing cycles have met with on-time, unreturned payments.

Earning Rewards with the Blue from American Express Card

The American Express reward program is a points credit card program that offers cardholders the opportunity to earn points that can be used for more 200 different shopping, dining and entertainment options that include air travel, hotels, and limited time offers. Rewards do not expire and there is no limit.

Cardholders earn one point per dollar on most purchases. They can earn 2 points per dollar when using the American Express Travel web site. Points can multiply to as many as 10 points per dollar when making purchases on-line from a select list of merchants.

New Payment Technology

American Express offers ExpressPay, which is made possible by a chip in each Blue American Express credit card that, when held up to a reader at participating retailers, allows cardholders to share all their pertinent payment information and complete a given transaction in less time than it takes to swipe a card.

The growing list of participating retailers includes CVS, Duane Reade, Meijer, ShopRite and Walgreens.

How the Blue American Express Credit Card Protects its Users

Protection from fraud and faulty purchases is one of the most valuable services offered by any credit card. The protections that come with the American Express card are bolstered by the company’s good reputation. Its Fraud Protection Guarantee assures cardholders of zero liability for unauthorized charges, while its Return Protection program provides a 90 day window of opportunity in which to a return an unsatisfactory product (selected items apply).

The same 90 day timeframe applies to the Purchase Protection program, which applies to a selected list of items if they are stolen or damaged. Finally, the Blue American Express credit card extends the manufacturer’s warranty on certain products for up to a year.

Travel, too, is safer with the Blue from American Express card. It comes with Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance as well as Travel Accident Insurance. On a smaller scale, it guarantees your hotel reservations. If you get to your hotel—even if you are late—and it turns out that the hotel has not saved your room, you are guaranteed a similar room in close proximity and a way to get there.

If you get to a hotel to find your credit card has been stolen, you may still charge a room to your card through the Emergency Check-In program. These protections can make travel, especially to foreign and faraway locales, feel much more familiar.

Analyze Your Spending

A Year-End Summary is available on-line as part of the Blue American Express credit card benefits. This feature organizes all purchases in a given year into a clear and elaborate summary that tells cardholders just how much they are spending and where that money is going. The Year-End Summary can be helpful in planning a budget and in preparing one’s taxes for filing.

Apply for the Blue American Express Credit Card Today!

It’s easy to apply for the Blue from American Express credit card. An on-line application allows for quick submission and fast approval for qualifying candidates. Questions can be addressed over the phone or through an on-line chat with a customer service representative. American Express customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If this card appeals to you with all its technological bells and whistles, there’s no time like the present to begin taking advantage of its rewards. Apply today by clicking on the apply button above or use our FREE comparison tool to search credit cards now!

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